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Great so user code almost thirty for ten percent off your purchase of over fifty dollars we love this brand kelly flower foods changing the game for people with autoimmune diseases and beyond just won't want to eat some low carb aw enjoy this episode is also brought to you by bright sellers and just got my box me too i've already gone through two bottles of wine no had people over keep having over carlee came over over and we have the chardonnay and then i brought wine to someone dude that's what i'm literally yeah it's great it's great for brain to parties or get togethers the wine is awesome bob so bright tillers is a monthly wine club so it matches whatever your flavors or whatever you like with wine and it sends you wind in the box it came supersafe amazing bottle so i got it last month and i had four bottles justin loves to drink wine and chill the house like if he would like he would be happy for the rest of his life just chilling with me drinking wine so we had some and then yeah whenever i go to people's houses now it's like it's so easy because i don't want to ever have to like go out somewhere before i go to someone's house and buy something so it's like i always have something on deck to like bring over yeah and i also got wines that i had never heard guessing so a petite virgo asian and blank.

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