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Correct. Okay matt yeah so that was weird right anyway. All good anti heroes learn the world needs a little evil to show us what good really is and so here. We are going to go on this epic arc of warren peace trying to figure out what side of the line. He's really on 'cause you know you get that whole arcade sky high whereas like is a good guy and emo kids can have friends to and that's two thousand six. Maybe so we need a real art of war and peace trying to navigate adulthood. Figure out if he wants to lean into his father's villainy or lean into his mother's super heroism. But what if those roles were reversed and in this new ark warren peace will have to fight the for profit industrial government prison project to free his father from prison and take down his former hero mother who has broken bad and his playing judge jury and executioner in the city streets. She's decided power breeds evil. Warren has learned that evil breeds. Good who will win in this epic. Moral quandary the sounds like commentary for something. I can't quite put my finger on it. i was gonna say it. Sounds like the tagline alien versus predator. The thing though is like you keep your you. Keep your metaphors vague enough. That people can map them onto whatever they want. That's how you get the big audience the wide net Leave it up for interpretation seeing. It'll it'll keep the people guessing his dad's last name battle which leads you to believe. His mom's last name is peace because he his last name is peace but then if she's the bad guy yeah at sets the m night shyamalan. You're at else sells tickets. Inputs butts in seats is putting nathan fillion in the mc you which is what. I'm important question while it's not good question what what now cancelled comedian. Who is successful in the two thousand casting. Because that's that's really going to matter to get those butts in the seats. Do i have to do that. What if i didn't do i mean according to hollywood you do. You just said. I could not do that. I can only think of daniel tosh. I mean we could make rosie. O'donnell mom dad. We redeeming actor for the dad. Dad's gonna be the good always the good guy okay. The dad's got gotta be like somebody who we all thought was bad but actually turned out to be good. That was everybody said something at the same time. And i'm sure all your answers were good. But i didn't hear any of them can his dad be all of nickelback.

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