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Hour. As you've just heard from CBS News. The nation is taking a big step toward pre pandemic normalcy. The CDC has new guidance. It says people who were fully vaccinated against Cove it do not need to wear masks or social distance in most circumstances. There is a notable exception. Crowded indoor settings like Busses, planes, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters. The masks should stay on. We're already getting some local reaction to the news from the CDC spokesperson for Governor Ralph Northam says wild they're still reviewing the new guidance. It reinforces the importance of getting vaccinated in their words. Vaccines are the pathway out of this pandemic and their how people can get back to doing what they love. Meantime. Yesterday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced several health restrictions on businesses would be lifted effective Saturday. Well, Montgomery County, though, is sticking with its current covert restrictions. But that may not be the case for long years wt piece Kate Ryan Montgomery County's covert 19 regulations for getting back to normal operations for businesses and entertainment venues. Is tied to a benchmark of getting 50% of residents fully vaccinated that that could happen by Saturday, according to Montgomery County Executive Mark L. Rich CDC data shows the county at 49% right now, but re opening wouldn't occur until May 29th. That's because the county is following guidelines that say once fully vaccinated, you're not fully protected against Cove in 19 until two weeks after your last vaccination. County is still working out how it might handle any changes to its mask Mandate. Kate Ryan w T..

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