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And I actually liked him as a player I like the attitude, but I would hit his ass late as much as I could just because I want to get him out his game because it's gonna frustrating because he shows he wears his emotion on his sleeve. Can I get him out his game? Could I hit him late cannot trash talking to make him start playing out of his element. Because when you act like this that's going to happen. When you play a passionate sport you can get him out his game. I loved your take on Hugh and bakers relationship in which you think really fueled the word fake. I it has to know I read something different, which I respect yours as much as mine, probably more. But I read that Baker your different person when you have a job versus you're out there. Trying to get. A job. So Baker Mayfield has been spending months with this guy and hearing. Okay, he didn't really want to draft me or he didn't really wanna start me. But it's okay, we're working together. And then you go on your reputation tour. Hugh Jackson, and all sudden, everything we discussed candidly and even our family business. You have a different pitch. Because now you're trying to get a different reaction you trying to get a different outcome. So now, I'm starting to take my home. When those like, that's what happened. That's how you feel. That's not what I heard. That's not what you told me. And when you Jackson came on here, and we kept pressing him. And I kept looking at Hugh Jackson in the south central Nissen me just was like I wanted to go noth- faith. But I was like this ain't authentic like, but understood I stay back. I was a professional because I was like this man trying to get a job. I'm not going to go all the way in to get so thorough that all of a sudden he exposes himself and doesn't get that next opportunity. But I'm not Baker Mayfield. I was under impression from when we. We were here that Hugh had no say so an offense that was all Todd Haley can I help offense. Can you help offense? I'm going to help it was that was Todd Haley's offense and Hugh had no say so in offense that was all Todd Haley. So if anything Baker Mayfield be mad at tot, nobody talks nobody has talked about this on TV when Todd Haley got fired. He said I was surprised because I thought I would be the interim coach nobody talked about that that makes me go. You thought you would be the interim coach you the snake to snake? I t j I think you're right. It's an extra speculation on my I I think I think you're right. But I'll say this about Hugh versus Baker Baker may feel has to understand because he seems to be upset that Hugh immediately went to the Bengals. And that's part of the thing. He thinks you've been in our locker room. How you going to go to our one of our rivals? We played twice a year. And that's where I think Baker has kind of messed up because my hold on man. You got a family was adequate upto. Thank you. That was a cover of reading today anything that was just for the last now. In the real real real thing. Was there were things that happened inside the building that I'm not going to get into that? Right. Went to the Bengals. He was just deflecting yell. It was trying to throw people. That's how that's all that. He knew that was the only way that people don't digest that. Fassel back leaking like yeah. He he want to flash it off to this. But then he says his things in the building that happened. Why can't you tell me what the things are in the building? I haven't because maybe somebody quarterback coaches getting half yet, Hugh. Brought he ain't going be disloyalty, Hugh. I'm just saying I didn't I don't I haven't talked to you about this. I don't know that I like Baker Mayfield. I hope he does. Well, because he has a chip on his shoulder. But if I'm a defensive player, I'm hitting late at least two or three times a game expose that emotion that place not playing the game. Here's you'll get fun. James the king? We'll get..

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