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Eight and now Bloomberg business with Tracy jonky street has broken a five day win streak, but it's not a large break with that uptrend. The Dow down six points. The NASDAQ down fourteen the s&p down half a point hardly scratching the Dow and p's two and a half percent gains this week. And let's say Wall Street in general is not hurting from the partial government shutdown, but Boston-based Wayfair best buy and bed bath and beyond are being singled out in a Wells Fargo warning about unpaid government workers impact on rail spending shares have Wayfair dropped three percents. I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio and on day twenty one of the federal government shutdown. President Trump was asked for a message to relate a federal workers who have been without a paycheck now. Well for three weeks. Zero today. Here's his response. Their service to the country. There federal federal employees that we're talking about many of them agree with what I'm saying. And what the people in this room experts are saying they don't want to see people killed because we can't do a simple border structure. Keep it here on BBC radio four developments, and of course on the iheart radio app. President Trump orders a draw down starting today saying the job in Syria is done. New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen disagrees and says much more work remains WBZ's. Karyn regal spoke with the Senator and his this report. It's almost like these issues are not black and white. They're very gray issues, pretty black and white. We have not defeated. Isis. Senator Shaheen says Justice is at risk for murdered New Hampshire journalist, James Foley and other Americans killed in Syria and a Washington Post op Ed writing with Foley's mother. Diane Foley, Shaheen urges, President Trump to keep Justice in mind when it comes to Syria saying Syrian democratic forces, maybe holding terrorists responsible for Foley's, murder and the murder of other. If we no longer support the democratic forces that they may be forced to release not just the two terrorists responsible that a number of other foreign fighters who have been captured Cameron regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. And this story. The iconic children's movie, Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to life onstage. The opera house in Boston. It's playing through February. Twentieth. WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe sat down today and spoke with the actor who plays the one and only willy Wonka..

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