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We always have to get there so impressive cappella so so so so impressed with him and you don't have to be he has to be spectacular again in this series these just outplayed call anthony towns he just played ruto bear he has outplayed draymond green for the rock a chance to pull off what i what is an upset i mean look i am predicting a upset i'm not i'm in the eye certainly recognize them to be in the minority here but like i said i i think that as much it's about james harden's ep three it's about cappella and it's about the the role players that they signed this summer well i want nick for dell picky nikko was the only i do not participate in the picks but nick freda was the only guy espn picks to pick boston and cleveland to win this last round who's he picking that's what i wanna know i don't do either brian i have followed your lead on the course i had the excuse of being on the dl but i like it and i'm gonna stay on the dl permanently when it comes to pick yeah are just don't i never have liked it i've never anyway mcmahon how is houston's atmosphere ben these playoff games crappy look they have really worst homecourt advantage of the of the good teams in the league it's an oil and gas crowd now houston traffic's brutal and because i posted a shot from before tip off game three in utah and it's packed and they've got the whole everybody's wearing the t shirts that whole.

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