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To the website hawaiian i dot com you'll also find some interesting information there about is in different conditions and how different things that you may want to be aware of in terms of the health of your eyes so you're talking about age related macular degeneration a condition that's communist people get older affects the central vision it can cause a wide range of affect on the central vision it can cause serious severe vision loss where people lose all of their central vision and only have a little peripheral vision to help them navigate around a room for example but k can't see fine details of things and it can range from that of your vision loss central vision loss to mild a central vision loss oftentimes with dry macular degeneration the driver the changes in the eyes occur very slowly or can occur for a short while and then stabilize for a while the driver id of macular degeneration has no real treatment that we would do as physicians in the office or no surgery or anything that really helps with that but there is evidence that diet can actually have a significant impact on number one preventing the presence of dry macular degeneration to begin with and with early changes in the is related to dry macular degeneration can make a difference in terms of preventing on going are worsening of the vision due to macular degeneration over time or a better prognosis less likelihood that it's going to cause more trouble down the road so when i say talk about diet we're talking about antioxidant vitamins antioxidant vitamins like lateen xanthi vitamin c vitamin e zinc seems to have a beneficial role and these things are found in fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables so green leafy vegetables would be things like spinach or kale or collard greens some of the other dark green leafy vegetables seemed to have some beneficial impact on macular degeneration of people eat those on a regular basis i know kayla's made a big splash in the health food community in recent years and kale does contain significant nutrients that also seem to be beneficial for.

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