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My man, Carl Anderson to good brother is in even he's gotta take on. Tobin Carl Anderson WWE tweets, hashtag, good, brother Romi. Jim Rome Tobin is the literal epitome of the saying less of the clones more of Romi. But he's such a bad caller. I want to hear more Tobin. I know right. Good, brother. That's what I'm talking about. Brother. I also made the point. I read tweeted that again, if you're a good good Twitter. If you should be good tweets, I will re tweet them. And if you're the good brother, and you've got three hundred thousand followers that helps if you're the good brother period without three hundred thousand followers that helps. I retweeted good, brother. And I added Tobin is that generations, Josh, Detroit like the same guy. The guy thinks that his takes rob salute fire when they're not the gal things the funniest guy in the room when he's not a guy who can't believe he's got doesn't have his own show when he doesn't. Tobin was Josh in Detroit before Josh in Detroit was Josh in Detroit. He was that generations Josh in Detroit. But weirdly, I did want that called end. Not even like, it was so bad. It was good because it wasn't good. But it was just making me laugh, which just bad. So sadly, all bad things come to an end to including that phone call. And many of you don't know Tobin. That's why this show is just got layers and layers and layers you wouldn't believe what used to happen on this show like in the mid nineties amazing things things will get me fired in a second today. But I've evolved and changed in matured. We all have. But if you think you hate my guts right now, you should have seen me back. Then. If you think do you hate or love this show. Now, you should have heard it back then and I'm not talking about Tobin. I'm talking about the things that we said, and what we did any anything that I would have done in the middle of a Wednesday would have ended my career today. Good times. But you gotta find a way. Right. You got to evolve. You gotta grow you got to mature. You gotta find a way to make sure you're still relevant and entertaining and give good show without getting fired mid week anyway moving along. So it was one week ago. It was exactly seven days, in fact that I sat right here at this desk. And I asked a question if you're on the verge of getting a look at the starting job one of just thirty two jobs like it on the planet. What would you do on a Monday night Tuesday morning in Colorado? Talking about being a quarterback, right? An impossible job to get only thirty two jobs like it. And you put in your whole life to get set for that moment. What would you do? Would you study the playbook which you get in some extra wraps, which you spent some time in the dark room, which watch film? Now, let me ask you the exact same question except take Colorado outta equation and replace it with New Jersey because for former Bronco's quarterback Chad Kelly, the answer was you would criminal trespass. But for current New York Giants quarterback Kyle lotta the answer is you would allude the police obstruct Justice resist arrest and nearly run over a police officer. That was his answer. The same question is driving to the team facility yesterday. The incident occurs nominal let the we Hawkin police department. Take it from here there statement reads in part this morning at approx. Eight AM police arrested mister Kyle lotta for various motor vehicle and related disorderly person fences. Mr La Valetta was observed by officers operating is two thousand seventeen Jaguar in a dangerous manner in heavy traffic near the pleasant avenue approach to route four ninety five it continues quote upon being directed by an officer to continue in his Mark lane. Mr La LA attempted to evade him making an illegal turn and continuing towards route four ninety five almost striking the officer. Mr. Lau Plata was subsequently stopped by another officer and refused various instructions to produce his driving credentials and exit the vehicle and quote, right? So really quickly. Let me jump in for recap. We have this guy trying to turn his car illegally being told by the cops not to do it. Ignoring the police officer. Making the turn anyway, and then nearly running over the same officer Dan getting stopped by another officer, and then refusing to turn over his license and registration and get out of his car. All that happened back to the press release, quote, he was then arrested and charged with eluding police a third degree grime obstructing administration of law. Resisting arrest, which are disorderly person offenses motor vehicle charges are for reckless driving disregarding, it officers directions in proper turn in March traffic lane and failure to remain in a Mark lane. End quote. To help a lot going on there. I mean, if I didn't know any better, and I heard all those charges. I think there's got to be looking at a ten year stretch. How could you Jack up that badly? How could you take one simple direction him pull over you can't make that term there and turn it into that? I mean, that's a completely moronic and eighty oughta thing to do on a Tuesday morning. Couldn't get any worse. Right. Wrong back to the press release quote upon further investigation. It was learned that a twenty seventeen Jaguar registered to Mr La Valetta was involved in a similar incident at the same location Monday. In other words, that's no one off not only is that the stupidest thing I've heard in quite some time. It's a regular thing. He does it all the time. It's just that on Tuesday. He dialed it up by nearly getting all vehicular man vehicular homicide with it. I mean, that's not quite full Chad Kelly, but it's close Kelly when barging into a stranger's house sat on their couch in the middle of the night Kelly, or Kyle I should say went with ignoring a police officer and nearly running over the police officer. But that's the guy who's trying to say, hey, you know, what toss me the keys to the franchise. Gimme the keys to the franchise. I'm ready. Man. I wouldn't throw this guy the keys to a busted up rusted out Honda fit. Man. There's never a good time to get charged with eluding police obstruction of Justice and resisting arrest and also nearly running over a cop. But doing it when you're on the verge of maybe getting some action as an NFL quarterback is the worst time and shows the worst judgment. He kyle. How are you doing? All you had to do with short to practice. Not be a dumb ass and you'll get your shot. If you look at the guy playing ahead of you. That's all you had to do was drive the six miles from where you live to the facility without breaking any laws and trying to run over any cops. And you probably would have got that shot. Was it really that hard especially given how crappy your team is especially at the quarterback position. You see momentum was building to see what you could do. And now you've shown everybody what you can do. And what you can do is be a menace to the cops and peds and the rest of society if you can't trust this guy not to run over a cop and resist arrest. How can you trust him to run an NFL team? And better yet, what has happened to the New York Giants. There were always one of the truly elite teams in all of professional sports the gold standard for. Class and quality. And even when they don't win. They always had a plan. There was had structure they always had it together. They always had class. Now, they're one and seven their hideous on the field, and they're even worse off of it. I mean, they really aren't embarrassment embarrassment at the facility and embarrassment away from it. How did this become that day turn into that? Hold. This guy had to do was drive to work without getting arrested without threatening to run over any cops. And again for the last time, I'm not saying that there aren't some bad cops because there are bad walks and all bad people in all walks of life. But me when they pull me over I just pull over. I don't think to myself. You know what I'm gonna dig? This guy can outrun this cop. You know, what the hell I am a backup quarterback..

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