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Alive everything that comes out of my mouth i had to hold the back man had all the back you can do let it out bro the makes feel better bill you cannot do when you're in the presence of the master yeah shame on that shit i have neighbors so oh yeah that's why do everything in my car is awesome that have you on man thanks for coming on and it's cool to have a tristate guy come on because that doesn't happen too often i'm from new york and like our last two yes wax was in california wheeler walker junior the week before that was in nashville so it's nice to have a dude that's in jersey right next door i feel the rage all the shit that we probably hate the same stuff i don't know you hate a lot of stuff by hale stuff too so i think it'll it'll go pretty well but not only are you a social media superstar you're probably one of the most jack is ever came on the show but if you're probably in the top five because we had brutus beefcake bridge gary goodridge frank shamrock tyler mane okay you're the top five man you're that's that's good company to be in right anytime that i could be in the same circle as brutus beat king shit big big eighties wrestling fan rights on which we we didn't invent last year to raise some money for the leukemia lymphoma foundation up in connecticut where brutus came up shaved my head and that was nuts because we forgot the clippers so he had used the hedge clippers at first oh yeah when you when you got a nine inches of steel two inches from your face yeah that that gets real real quick yeah i got an end right if i'm gonna have you know nine inches in front of my face better not be steel.

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