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That's great so the record is coming out with february nineteenth to believe right. yes nice. Do you have anything else on the radar for this year releases. New project stuff like that. Well we we Alive in comas event. Which is going to komo the week before the records Where we fell ourselves plead the album old songs in a fear. Glasgow super bowl record that happening Other than that. wait and see. Wait and see if certain gigs happen again. If can happen again if any movie their experts lesson a need someone to score a movie for once. We are actually home. Could do that so yeah. It's just see what happens. Really is a weird thing with music. Just every miskin in a holding pattern and it doesn't feel like a record cemented and a couple of weeks because normally yeah. I've been doing a bunch of price but it's all phone calls and skype and it's not the same. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a full time musician. Right now. asking friends don't know. I don't know to be honest. The current klay eleven through. I think it's actually a pretty good time to be a musician. A lot of the barriers that were there we first started are there. You can get your music to everyone on the planet almost instantaneously. You know this is actually a low of Good things about being a musician these days. There's there's some choppy things to But yeah i think if you wanna go and make music gopher gordon have a blast or your friends. Make his beg of weird noises. You can have fun doing her. Yeah no i think. I think it's it said i mean people have people are really down on some of the negative things of music and they are. They're like as i'm not gonna lie. It's hard to make money from these days but we've went and played parts of the world. I can't even blows my mind. That people are music and the reason we got to go. There is because people don't have to pay for music anymore. So there's there's there's there's upsides show. I guess just to wrap it up your on a on a personal note. What are the things you've been doing to stay sane. Stay tethered during all this. Aside from putting out an awesome new record been about go into some other things going to do instant writing of of dogs. so they've been getting some pray. Accurate walks me and me and my wife can go into.

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