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I'm Cheri Preston back on the stand today for the star witness in the federal trial of former Trump campaign chair. Paul Manafort Rick gates. His former business partner is already cut a plea deal. Here's ABC legal analyst Royal Oakes next up as a scorched earth fight over whether the jury should believe gates with the defense for trading him as a liar, desperate to limit his plea bargain sentence by delivering manafort's head on a platter. Manafort is facing Bank and securities fraud charges the Manafort trial growing out of Robert Mueller, special counsel investigation into Russian meddling. In the election President. Trump's legal team could respond as soon as today to request from Muller about a sip down with the president. Here's ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. Special counsel has made it clear to the president's legal team that he wants to question the president among the topics, obstruction of Justice. The president's team legal team is pushing back strongly on that front though. If this letter from Giuliani and the team goes out today or tomorrow, it seems that these negotiations that have been going on for months are not ending. Anytime. Soon voters in several states are hitting the polls for primaries, especially. Election, in Ohio ABC's sign President Trump traveled to Ohio's twelfth congressional district on Saturday. When he campaigned for the GOP candidate Troy balder sin it's a district that president one, by eleven points but Balderstone is. Locked in a tight. Special election against his democratic opponent Dinnie O'Connor another race catching the president's interest the GOP primary for Kansas governor. One day before that primary he endorsed longtime. Ally Kansas secretary of state Chris Kobuk over the state's sitting governor in California wildfires till spreading the car fire entering, its third week..

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