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Dot US on FACEBOOK watchers type in questions same way get back to us give us your questions or comments please pass the back off to me back off the road today actually I had done that once was the only store a head but once again you can learn more about this dramatic or call chronic but this brain degenerating diseases your brain goes to different things and as I said they can't see it and to your dad so it's very important that we get that across donate your brain please project analysts dot org we'll do that for you well we have to pay attention to it we have to be proactive in it we have talked for the last four five years on the mental health issues you have a safe talk class coming up not until February seventeenth okay we're not in general what we already had one we had last week and right and once again it's going to be February seventeenth which just so happens to be presidents day and the V. T. R. C. will be closed but we will be open for that class from twelve thirty to four we do have a limited amount of seating so we ask that you call the Nevada offices suicide prevention to make a reservation so that you can get in that class that number is seven zero two four eight six eight two two five talked to Richard Egan telling me you want to get into safe talk into V. T. R. C. and he will set you up okay and how many people want to save talks stand for safe talk stand for suicide alertness for everyone okay three and a half hour clash I urge you to sign up and take that three and a half hour class it will be the best three and a half hours are you ever spent in most cases people that have gone through that training over ninety percent of the time the first time they will use that trend is with a friend or family member take time three and a half hours of your life to go save somebody else's now you have a cyst class coming up as well this is classes coming up in April and that stands for applied to side intervention skills training that's an intensive two day class were you not only learn the signs and symptoms of someone thinking about suicide but you also learn how to do an intervention and I want to step back to save talk for second the past last class that I had we had to turn he's in there and they practiced family law so they saw five people getting divorced in there and they were so happy they took that class and they started thinking they start relying in some of the stuff in the class that they could see the signs and symptoms of suicide suicidal behavior in some people based on how a man and woman are coming in and talking to them so I think that would be a good class for any attorney to take even if it's you don't practice family law will encourage employers our resources to get involved certainly our first responders our police department sure fire departments we hold the class here once a month on safe talk at the very least please go through the safe talk clash we can hold up to fifteen here for classes chef JB what do you say I think it's a great idea you know awareness of anything related to our military service or are well beaten in civilian life is a good thing and you know I I I'd like to hand to to the media especially television they're starting to dress some of those issues and some of their shells the first time I ever heard about TV I was on CBS on seals and I'm not giving him a plug but they really address the issue of it being a real thing and open my eyes to one another group that's interested in and it may seem out of the ordinary but the NFL has been addressing this for the past two or three years right with all the concussions in that you're looking at better helmets and I know we had a player out there didn't want to give up his helmet but eventually in a war we get these injuries and we try to prevent of as much as possible but even at a early age when kids are playing football and elementary and high school and even through college there is this additive thing that comes up we had one professional wrestler for example may call him Chris Harvard because he was a Harvard graduate but he played high school football he played football at Harvard got into wrestling and one day he got kicked in the head while he was down on the mat and guess what he was laying on the floor looking up and everything went to a bar and he knew something was very wrong he couldn't picker pointed out and he only for a few more fights after that and found out that you know he had this serious issue going on with C. T. eighty of his brain degenerating disease and for our listening audience questions or comments please give us a call locally in Clark County area seven zero two two five seven five three nine six or toll free eight hundred four one four one zero five six you know you were takin RJ about that the NFL they have a concussion protocol tent now that they take a man as soon as they get hit in the ad and and evaluate him and take him out of the game and then I haven't watched the Pro Bowl in a long time this time when I was watching the polo ball I said my god they're not even tackle the numb and thrown into the ground there just if they grab a hold of them they blow the whistle on and the place that there because it's a non essential game they change all the rules and I think it's a great thing you know it's like you go to the Pro Bowl and you get hurt and and you get thrown to the ground a couple times are going to get hurt well there's a lot of there's a lot of sports that a contact sport you know the soccer these are all things that that can lead to traumatic brain injury so we have to pay attention and I think they are starting to step up and look at a quick buttons and how much safety things but not enough not enough in going back to donating your brain when you pass on how important that could be for future generations how would they again what chart with a look of project in list dot org and I wanna once again I can't emphasize the importance of the American Legion magazine and this article they did on the brain if you can read that it'll make a lot more sense to you what we're talking about because the little as I said the little things add up and this article explains how that happens and there's some examples in there too and matter of fact the person that's in charge of the of what I should say on the board of directors for the concussion legacy foundation was a farmer football player and had this disease but he also had a degree in science and that's what kept him going on in researching what was happening with his bright and he found out that you know he probably is thinking to himself I do a lot of stupid things when I was younger because I let myself get knocked around so much and is we look back in our own lives you know we've probably done a few of those things too I don't know how many motorcycle riders we got out there but I think almost everybody that prides motorcycles taken a fall at one time or another and that could be the one little thing or it might have been a major thing that adds up on this see E. T. E. type disease who knows we want done on time here are J. let's talk about a couple of events that we've got coming up ship J. B. as here we have our annual pig out coming up but before that we have well we're starting a new event this year and I don't know if he had assume in on this or not but this is called a.

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