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Profile doesn't alone during the pandemic. I've been working mostly from home. The Internet, occasionally legs. It's seldom cuts out completely. But when it does, I can switch back and forth from WiFi and 40 instantly. If I have Tio, I complain of zoom fatigue. I'm fed up of communicating with people over Webcams and video calls, But in Kashmir, they're fed up of slow Internet full stop. Everybody uses Instagram. Okay, you use instagram. If they're uploading a 15 seconds for you to understand how much it will take to tell me how much it will take. I mean, it will upload for me quite instantly. And how many seconds maybe four seconds. Yeah, but 345 seconds. For us it take off. Another more throttling mobile phone. Internet isn't just damaging to people using social media. It's also damaging to the region. Businesses with the shops are closed. Students can access online classes, enduring a pandemic with limited access outside. People are finding they don't have much to dio Vaso himself is in limbo. He's finished college but because universities in Kashmir a closed he can't move on. Everybody in the world uses Netflix my friends outside of question here. They were like you must watch money heist You must watch dog. I'm like, How the hell again I Netflix doesn't open road. It doesn't Lord. The movie has Lord But BBC journalist repairs are and cashmere says the wider impact is having is far more damaging. Panic has gripped the whole Valley militant and armed force of gun battles increasing everyday businesses are suffering because it's been more than a year it shot. There's no tourism here. AH schools colleges, universities had been shot from last one year. So uncertainty is the word which is felt suited for Kashmir. All door government off India said that re walking special status will bring beef development prosperity to the region. But when we see on ground we don't see much has changed. The local human rights group, the jam along Cashmere Coalition off civil society would agree they produced a report referring to the current situation as digital apartheid. Miss Marie. She was a researcher on the report. Don't it is legalized it a systemic in nature and structure, and it is a farm off collective punishment. The reason which you have government orders that allow for this one section in the report told how Kashmiri woman living in Delhi died in a fire. Her family in Kashmir couldn't be informed because of the Internet blackout. So a family friend had to fly all the way from Delhi to tell them Another section explained that social exclusion had become a major consequence of network shutdowns. MySpace says that vassals not the only one living this way. She cites another report by the NGO Doctors Without Borders, which says that 45% of people in Kashmir have a mental health problem. Within that context, when their social media platforms become a space where you channel is the sort of energy that you want to put out to express yourself, I think Just that gets impacted. So my General Ritter's in order to honor livelihood or it is just in order to express yourself to be yourself and have a thief space on the Internet. I think I'm just Internet shutdown better. We allowed people to sort of I'll be themselves. Months after it first found vassal online. I came across something had posted on Instagram up till this point. I'd not once seen him post of Aakash Mary politics or criticised the government, but it was clear he had had enough. I saved a video of yours. I'm gonna play it. Okay. Think is they don't want the people of all they want is the land of Krishna. This is this is the truth. With this. Why did you decide to make that video? My friend posted a video on instagram about me. You got so much abused, like kill them. You are a terrorist. And I just pushed the simple thing that they don't want the people of crushing you. Over time, vassals frustrations turned into an outburst of posts. Suddenly there was an activist streak in him, even.

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