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Was good was gonna back. What back triple p. Paul piggy podcast. Give my input on nba nfl topics. We get started subscribing that writing a corner on a tax from his live. Please at follow. Got several topics to get into audio version of this podcast spotify ap amazon deesor tunis lacquer iheartradio in does the other platforms. I gotta get into the nba stuff. Got the playince happening. We got charlotte versus pacers wizards versus celtics firs grizzlies warriors versus lakers. I know worry about like leakers. Being plan what over on a d. Were big majority of the season and they definitely outdid lucid oils. But it definitely could get the Highly impressed that the grizzlies play. They were almost in the playoffs. Last year job ran has definitely been a stabilizing factor for the grizzlies. He's definitely been you know. His sister's stabilizing factor. I their future studio guessing young players Bring so veterans a couple of good.

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