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Changes the entire play mahomes picks up an instantly boom goes to the right side like that. That is what makes this game. So incredible, it's just so much mental aptitude. Can you figure stuff out fast and mahomes admitted by the end of the year he figured out how to Russell Wilson said year three light went on everything slows down. This is a hard league. That's why it's so amazing to see all these young quarterbacks flourishing year to used to be I mean Payton Manning and your four through zillion interceptions. It is a toughly figure out. Coming up next GRUDEN Derek Carr. An anonymous source, it's not gonNA work. We'll talk about that next one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like Ham Charlie Sanders I'm ball and I am Brian. huskey. I am also bold. We're the hosted the new podcast bald talk from the big money players network and iheartradio before this. I was a writer producer for key and Peele and created the show weird city than I appear on Bob's Burgers and veep but the show is not just about being bald. So for you hair owes out there there's a lot to gleaned from our show it's about. Vanity when all that. But you wrote veep as on every season of that. Oh you the mean congressman dude right and then that Dan back at all, it's actually guests we go. Okay. You're the press dude McClintock none and and then if that's Matt Wall, she has also guest wait I. Remember You you're producer the printed that that's Paul Scheer he was on veep too but we have him. On the PODCAST as well. The show is not about having people who are bald from veep to hell of a coincidence you got to say that right? So we'd be very limiting what does MacAulay culkin like I don't know I'm not on succession. That's the other thing that's his brother. Right talented those to listen to ball talk on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Oh coming September sixteenth. The goal club was the top Strip club in Atlanta in the Nineteen Ninety S A twentieth century doll for the rich and famous with patients like Dennis Rodman Michael Jordan Madonna, the king of Sweden. People from all over the country everybody came took the gold club and it was the spot to go the goal club's owners Steve Kaplan was able to make almost four times. The amount of other strip clubs with three hundred dollar bottles of dom, Perignon, private rooms, and the sexiest entertainment. In the south, I would chain up a girl and dragged through the club dragged across the stage. It was kind of SEM and the guys loved it. But in two thousand, one, the club was put on trial which charges a prostitution extortion credit card fraud racketeering, and an affiliation with the mobs like a festering cancer. Of you're going to allow it to to grow and prosper. You're going to have a problem going forward. I'm journalist Christina Lee and I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the gold clubs scandal from the booty and bubbly to the DC and courtroom drama. Listen to racket inside the goal club on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. NFL Sunday is back this week with a great slate of early games. Then it's a blockbuster in America's game of the week as Brady in the new look take on breeze and the saints check local listings for the Games in your area or watch it on the Fox sports APP. To call, let's get into one of your super six picks for the week box. Saints is one of the matchups give us a winner and a final score. I would probably take the saints because they're more familiar with each other winning a fairly close gain like I think there's going to be a lot of points. I, think Brady's not going to have the crowd in the Superdome to deal with. So I think you're looking at thirty, four, thirty somewhere. I'd probably go with more familiar saints. That's my guess. By the way, a team I'm not high on it. All is the raiders they have to move, and I think the Gruden Derek Carr relationship is problematic very interesting. According to Mike Sando who we trust he writes very good articles. execs and evaluators anonymously talked about what they expect with the thirty two teams. Here's what they said about the raiders execs evaluators. The quarterback is a little worrisome to me. He played well in that system decent stats but I don't recall being around in NFL quarterback who has to talk himself into being confident publicly confident players are confident players. Teammates feel that everybody sees it with car. ARE WE GONNA? He's going to grow out of that. And be a player who leads this teamers Gruden's personality too strong for it. This. Is My issue and I think this stuff matters. Let me give you an example. quarterback. Head coach relationships matter. GRUDEN is blunt and demanding cars more sensitive. If you go back and look at Aaron Rodgers and Mike. McCarthy. Errands. California cool cocky McCarthy's the Milwaukee Cop. They were each other out. John elway Dan Reeves Elway was Stanford West Coast Football family big confidence Dan Reeves small southern town played under town Landry undrafted very conservative. They wore each other out troy Aikman buttoned up. All business totally focused Barry Switzer really loose kind of wild really outspoken it didn't work. quarterback coach? Chip is vital. This one doesn't work for me. One guy's demanding blunt. The other guy a bit more sensitive needs support arms wrapped around regularly. That's not what Gruden does it is my concern similarly with Adam gays and Sam. darnold. Adam Gates is intense and very rigid. If you watch Sam darnold play, he plays a loose fun game. He plays with a lot of feel. There's a lot of feel to his game. He's not a rigid player. Sam Plays with a lot of feel. He's a let it rip Guy Adam is very rigid. Very intense. This is the play. Do it this way? I don't think their relationship is beyond the other jet front office issues historically, roster issues. I don't think gas in darnold personalities are perfect. I don't, and by the way I have the jets this year as much as I like. Darnell I think there are six and ten team I think the gays darnold relationship is off I think gruden and Derek Carr. It matters it mattered for elway in reeves. He got better with a new coach. It mattered Jimmy and troy similarly focused all business brady and ballot check both driven no nonsense aspirational. All about the team is why in Peyton totally intent all football. Creative clever risk takers. So I think the raiders quarterback coach thing I think it's problematic joy with the news. On the news, this is the headline news. A little. New England flavor sprinkled around the dolphins organization this year. Then noise. Left, new. England's join the dolphins this off season and he is looking forward to getting the chance to face off with his former team on Sunday. I mean going against them they're familiar with me. I'm familiar with them I'm excited for this task. You know they've been talking trash before years I've been there. So I'm excited to see if we bought him back up. He who has changed the Patriots in October of two thousand.

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