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I just sir to cry very i like her to wave and unlike vows zsa lasts we see each other plane it wasn't good enough yeah i think beautiful voicing and i was really good but only i will be the best job area we say at now no overall as driver was that's my fucking mental tattoo for life that i'm gonna die with about my sister anna really gonna funded by the even as his first day and i was over like so pitch e n oroville it was the first from the first moment and you're just like oh no hugh jackman space looked like permanently orgasm and that movie like the eyes were busting at him his skull he was beaming like his whole body was like at the blood pressure had to be like three hundred over a hundred like it was like crazy you don't taylor swift was honest opinion and that mangena who i know that now here's some t i actually wrote about when i works best we govern article has she shouldn't like i'd no beef with taylor i you know whatever at the time specially bet i was like fine and they said oh you know that's a as a lame is fan a ms hedh i don't know that it just means theater student as a student of the art size that i don't think that she should play this role because it's like crazy for her to be in it yeah and her people come i think for mom call the president of each one and made us take it down come on my life and really dan and things like that our website repair pill are on everything that you write about haiti honest with you i wish i had people like that like i like you know i can't falter like what have dream dying through fame she definitely has a team of people who read everything that she is to listen to you that our biggest.

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