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The broncos daily podcast with Brandon Krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and Pasta. Happy Football Friday broncos country are you excited Blake bortles officially in the fold but as Fangio's vote was yesterday this Jeff Driscoll's job to lose weight from big Banjo here in just a minute as he joined April Zesbaugh me this morning on Colorado's morning news also GonNa hear from James Palmer whose centrally become a bucks beat reporter in. So many ways he and I had a chance to talk after Thursday's practicing and catch up because he hasn't been around here because he literally moved to Tampa for a month to cover all things Tom Brady the broncos did make not one but two quarterback moves yesterday they officially signed Blake Bortles also promoted pj lock from the practice squad safety will be A. Big Special teams contributor that down-sizer former broncos practice squad player back to the practice squad, and then they also as I reported last night during the nuggets game. During the fourth quarter, the nuggets game I got word that Brett Rippin is being promoted from the practice squad to the active roster in, and he couldn't be happier as a sense that I get. So his paycheck goes from eighty four hundred this week to probably somewhere around thirty five grand and we'll be for the foreseeable future. How long do the broncos carry four quarterbacks will see and it was good to see drew lock out there again, talking with his guys and and being active in practice not just hanging out in the training room. Now what does it mean when you have four quarterbacks? Well. In a normal year that would make a of sense but the roster flexibility this year because of I r and because you can bring guys up and down from the practice squad you can. Manipulate the roster a little bit more, and again, the reason that they're keeping drew lock up is. To allow him to not only heal at his own pace without. Pressure over time line one way or the other. But also if he is healthy sooner, get him on the practice field that way they don't have to wait for him to come off I are and go through any practice protocols before playing, he can just practicing again. So I I like the move again because of the roster flexibility this year. Now let's hear from head coach Vic Fangio though as he does every single Friday, he joins us on Colorado's morning news on Koa Know Marty Lines today. So it's just me April. Zesbaugh what do you expect to see from the longtime Patriot now buck it's just hard to say that Tom Brady. The thanks to me. You know he's just been a different uniform..

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