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One of the most controversial issues run the senate's health care bill is how it would affect women's health and reproductive rights now the republicans control congress they're yearslong campaign campaigned defunding planned parenthood is a real possibility and in many states access to planned parenthood clinics has been shrinking romatically joining us now is christina chang vice president of puk public affairs at planned parenthood of new york city and mother jones reporter hanna levin tova covers reproductive justice and women's health welcome you both thank you hanoch ravina thanks for being here i am i'm gonna jump into some i question some more serious questions no one's that i've been asking today about collaboration hanna can you talk about the newly appointed assistant secretary of public affairs the department of health and human services charming joost sure yeah so um back on april the white house appointed herman your could be adleman and banker of a fair ac gridiron how can you know in the former president and uh a a law firm called american her my um go to end abortion and au you well have had a lot of the enacting and had or her my friend if you've heard of our above their weight could be come over you know like national right to life for of for bigger pro life or the firm um and uh what.

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