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Paula Hancocks, Hockey, Bob Costantini discussed on Red Eye Radio


Rebel on the way gop assessed homily apprentice president trump is reportedly set to clear the way to release above all that alleges fbi surveillance abuse cnn reports the president hopes that document will undermine special counsel robert melo's russian investigation democratic senator joe manchin ways moller is by far the most respected person that we have in the judicial community that both sides will agree upon and i pray to the good lord that the president or his administration does not move on bob moller does not try to remove him any way shape or form 'cause you will see i truly believe in my heart that you will see democrats and republicans coming together as americans and doing their job in the senate and in the house residential gop lawmakers at their west virginia retreat thursday that were republicans should be pleased leading up to the midterm elections bob costantini explains why breaking away from the teleprompter president trump was all over the place in terms of issues important to him and the republican legislators in front of him in a recitation of what was in the state of the union address mr trump drew this conclusion but now we fulfilled far more promises that we promised hard to measure that if you're a political reporter the republican lawmakers went along especially pleased with the president's words regarding the corporate tax cuts he theorized that if hillary clinton had one the dow jones average would have gone down fifty percent bob costantini washington korean scares and skaters of arrived in south korea to participate the winter olympic games and paula hancocks as they had got by ten athletes three coaches an 18 supporting staff and of course we already have north korean athletes who are here in south korea that women's ice hockey team have been here since last week that training up with the south korean counterparts says that now having that joint delegation to the olympics has been announced vice president mike pence will lead the group accompanied by his wife i'm elliot francis spearfishing.

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Paula Hancocks, Hockey, Bob Costantini discussed on Red Eye Radio

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