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I know a lot of comedians like that man where like if you fly under the radar, but you good, they insert you and stuff, but that whole machine about to blow you up. But the people that they do blow up, the reason they can't handle that pressure is because they want you to go right back to Houston, what you just made one hundred thousand dollars in the weekend. They want you right back there like four or five months later, and I'm saying people gonna come and see you again. Not like, yeah, but we heard all that. So you if you don't keep it fresh, you do feel the pressure of like to him to turn down his money, but they looking at it like, yo- you just sold out, twelve shows you gotta go back. You know what I mean? Once you do a movie and you off the road and you do another movie and then you do a tour and then you do not a comedy to it, but you're doing a promo tour, but at time you get, when did you time to practice? When did you have time to make up new material? When did you have to live to write the stuff? Yeah, like so you go in. And you all discombobulated on stage and a lot of people leave shows like, you know, but he won't funny funny and halftime. So anyway, I don't know. My mind just went back to that. No, dude. I'm the reason Bill Burs one of the greatest comics of our generation because everyone fucking Nord him. Yeah, for a long time, he got, he got a sitcom first months of doing stand up. He got on a sitcom with Molly ringwald. Okay. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It was called. It was called townies Tam. I ain't even m m because he was at red hammer pretty in pink fan. I know all her movie. Yeah, he was in town. He's and he blew up and then it disappeared anyone back to New York. And he's still working on stand up, working on, stand up, moved out to LA trying to act. Nothing happened. And then he just gave up. He was like, fuck it. I'm going back to New York and folks and all stand up. And that time we're no one wanted to fuck with him, and he got to explode and blow up and write and write and write. Then when he popped and by the way it. I'm being Chapelle. So seldom from love. It wasn't until like his third special. Okay. Where he liked popped where everyone was like, oh, I want to go see him. And he was like, oh, I'm in. I'm in my lane right now. Come out and see me and I'll have a brand new hour next year and a brand new hour next year. Not keep recording specials. That's why it's one that incubation period you get is the reason like reason people. I mean, this is going to be very controversial. I apologize ahead of time, but the reason people should on female comics go over commerce aren't funny. That's not true. Hilarious. Not given that incubation period where us older guys get twenty years to do comedy, right? You discover us right? Because people want the women yawn and pretty. So Amy Schumer gets this covered. What fucking year Twenty-seven-year-old is ready to be. I mean, it's very few twenty seven year olds. I think Amy's done a good job, but like you look at all the ones that they snatch up and they're just like it's like overwhelming at that young age, but we're me and you are ready for it. Put me in the system right? Ever gonna to stern Williams. You want me to do the breakfast club. Do you name it? I'm ready. This is what I do for a fucking living, and I've been doing it and I'm waiting for this opportunity, right? Everybody, everybody who's doing it, right. I mean, you can make a lot of money beforehand, but you hit a fucking stride at forty like you just hit in your career. If you act in the you any good at it, you hit a stride. If you having babies, babies, bring prosperity and good looks start booking. Shit, ready? You set it the I gotta give shout out to fucking Forbes, four, whoever's writing these articles at four..

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