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With the Lisa Jaffe our editor this afternoon Jeremy greater cigna and humana are waving medical costs associated with the coronavirus eventual medications and vaccines to fight the virus are also part of that plan firefighters and first responders in our state are seeking donations of protective gear they're also asking you to be honest about symptoms instead of not talking about if you think you've got the covert nineteen symptoms when you call nine one one fearing that the medics one comma a new Washington post ABC news poll shows what is right now shaping up to be a very competitive race for the White House in November post polling director Scott Clement spoke with come most bill o'neill Scott what do the numbers say and what role has the corona virus pandemic played in all of this our poll found at night when people are asked if the election was held today registered voters split forty nine percent for Joe Biden and forty seven percent for trump not a break from February when fight it had the narrow advantage really in a bind it generally have advantages since last fall so trump is in a relatively competitive position as far as corona virus I mean it's very early stage to understand the impact that we have seen trump benefit with a small private approval rating by percentage point bump in that that seems to be the biggest factor in it has improved political standing in fact he gained a little bit of a pop from the crowd of iris and narrowly positive reactions to the feeling of it now these numbers of course even as Joe Biden struggles the presumed democratic nominee though Bernie Sanders says he'll soldier on to get some face time amid the continuing crisis right and in our poll really reflects what we saw through the primaries over the last month of an extraordinary turnout in the race that standard had a two to one advantage over the bite in one month ago hour just a little over one month ago but after all items within South Carolina big us big wins in super Tuesday states actually flipped the the double digit if if I didn't have a double digit advantage over Sanders and and in the recent contest as actual states he's he's won handily between eleven thirty nine percentage points in the last three states about they want a sense is a race this close seemingly good news for the president to this point that seems fairly typical for incumbents reelection when measured through past metrics anyway borderline for quite a while electability he remains there he lost the popular vote by two point one percentage points in two thousand sixteen but won the electoral college that's exactly the margin that he has in our poll so really on the borderline for that and it is no way to really expect these numbers to stay stable for the coming month a lot of it's going to depend on how people perceive the coronavirus outbreak impacting their life and his performance on that but he if it is not going from a it was a fairly close race before it's gotten closer I know there were were were were moving further and further away from the idea of you know land slides back like that that's polling director Scott Clement read.

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