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Customers in the dark in Culpeper County and about 700 in Fuck your county. Ah, utility spokeswoman says Power in Culpeper may not be restored for everyone until early Saturday, while everyone and fuck your should get their electricity back sometime tonight. Dominion Energy says it has more than 400 customers out in Faqir and that restoration work could go on until early Saturday. We will keep you updated on these power outages here on the air and a w t o p dot com Congress keeps inching inching toward a deal on a covert relief package. But the outlook for a quick passage is growing dimmer tonight, that would you t O. P. S. Mitchell Miller joined our Sean and Hillary earlier from Capitol Hill. With the latest on negotiations. One of the issues has been related to the check. Pay out that will go out to most Americans. This was a late add to the $900 billion bipartisan bill. That's the framework for this legislation that they're trying to work on. So there's still some negotiating on these expected $600 payment. What the incoming live It will be for people to receive it. Also, there's some back and forth and exactly how long the extended $300 a week unemployment benefits will continue. At one point, it was 16 weeks. It's now looking like it will be around 10 weeks, and there's more negotiating on other issues, including how much money from FEMA could be spent by states. And how the Federal Reserve could spend money. But right now there's nothing that seems like it will fully derail passage of this legislation. Okay, But what does this mean now for tomorrow night's deadline for a government shutdown? Looks like a weekend of Congress here at the Capitol. The most optimistic scenario was to get the code relief and the big year long spending bill paired together for votes tomorrow, Sean ahead of that midnight deadline, But it's becoming clear that's probably not going to happen. So even though they don't want to, lawmakers will likely have to pass another short term, very short term spending measure that buys them time just to get through the weekend. But there's some disagreement over that this evening, with some lawmakers wanting to avoid it to keep the heat on for the covert relief negotiation. It's hope everything will eventually come together for a vote that includes covert relief and the overall spending measure either over the weekend or early next week. Just days before Christmas so much it seems like every December we're in the same spot with this deadline drama, right? Are there any efforts to change that? Well. Congress needs a deadline, of course and 12 million people could lose unemployment benefits the day after Christmas. So that's quite a deadline. I spoke with Virginia Senator's Tim Kaine and Mark Warner about this last minute drama. Today. Kane is among those who advocate changing the fiscal calendar so that the budget year doesn't always start on October 1st as he points out, and others have whenever you have November elections, as we did this year, Ah, lot of time is lost to campaigning, and, of course, politics gets in the gears even more than usual. There's also been legislation that seeks to Avoid government shutdown, Senator Warner last year introduced legislation that would automatically keep the government running in the event of a stalemate. But it has not gone anywhere that is W. T. O P. Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller. Breaking news. In a message.

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