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Hour by hour. There are new to this coming out about this college cheating scandal on these big rig names that have paid millions and millions perhaps their kids get into a college. The people who are back with Dr Huber dock. They are their photo shopping pictures of their kids heads on pole-vaulters to show that they're athletic. So they can say my kids being recruited here. And it just goes on and on. And you wonder some of these people do these things for so long. They almost figure they're gonna get away with it forever and ever ever and Sunday catches up with you in this week is that week. It's about time. I think this this isn't a new thing. It's just the first time we've really had evidence thrown out there. On Twitter is yelling color me shocked, right? Now, that's gotta be real. Of course. The real losers on this are the kids who not only didn't get into these colleges because. Faces were already filled up by these people paid their way. But also the kids legitimately got there. I mean, these are flagship university of this country, Georgetown, these California might mean, there are a number of, you know, these big names, and it's what is it? The lower level coaches, perhaps they're paying off the people who don't make as much that can be bought exactly de-legitimize those educational programs. It's like, okay. So how many people at yell really got got through yell. We can go back and look at. Famous people who've gone back to school. You know? I mean. Gone to college. And they got into these great Ivy leagues. Did they really get in? There. Are they really that smart or did they just get over here? It's sorta funny and you can go on Twitter. Right. Even this moment. Hashtag college cheating scandals trending and then yesterday diversity Hoffman and Lori Laughlin. But all these people saying, well just goes to show, the the rich people really are done, and it goes on and on. But as you say, this is not a victimless crime. We really don't even know who the victims are you can just suppose which makes a little more complex because all these people who you know, who knows what happened to people who should have gotten in. When it said people were paying the bucks to. And this is the singer the Amana Newport Beach who was the alleged mastermind who I can't even begin to to break down the ways in which he did this. But you know, these all these these criminal masterminds using their superpowers for bad. My goodness, right. Exactly. We've always talked about that if they would put that much effort and energy into doing the right thing. This will be such a better place. And it's just amazing. Hollywood stars feel good about them and their kids. So that's something. Hollywood stars exactly whether whether it was. Jesse you know. Yeah. Crime. And he's complaining what was he making sixty seventy thousand dollars an episode and the majority of America doesn't even make a year. Guy. And I know you pointed out you, and we're not necessarily left wing left leaning. But so many of these liberals who yell about intolerance, and the conservatives are these awful people that so many of them are the ones who are, busted and sort of have to own up. And I'm not saying there are people on both sides of the aisle, you out I guess exactly prime definition of obfuscation make a big stink about somebody else. And nobody sees you doing it. And you know. It's just dirty pool. You know, shouldn't shouldn't be allowed, and we need to crack down and not just not just the government. You know, this is happening man speak up because it's not fair the kids it's not fair educational system, which you know, at one point we thought was the best in the world. Now, maybe not so much. We're letting.

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