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At global sports. So Dano three big names eliminated in the carabao cup. Yeah, how about this one? Of course, the cab cup in England Premier League table set at arsenal is knocked out at Emirates three to one by Brighton on Chelsea's lemonade by Manchester City two mil at the Etihad. Alfred Tottenham is bounced out by Nottingham Forest to nil on Liverpool has to go to penalties to advance over Darby county with west and being knocked out by black burn on penalties. The U.S. men's national team coach Greg berhalter unveiling the 26 man roster for the upcoming World Cup, the usual big names included, such as Christian Pulisic, west and mckenney, giovanna and sergino dest on the biggest name left off the roster of Manchester City goalkeeper Zack Stefan, who's currently on loan at Middlesbrough. The roster is the second youngest that the U.S. has ever fielded for World Cup, the average age under 26 years old, U.S. plays its opener versus Wales on November 21st, huge name in jeopardy of missing the upcoming World Cup Senegal international and Bayern Munich star sadio Manet could be out after he suffered a right fibula injury in Tuesday's Bayern win over Werder Bremen. This year's Bologna or runner up will miss the Bundesliga giants next match versus Schalke, the source is saying there's a real chance Manet is not going to be ready for Senegal's opener versus the Netherlands on November 21st. Good news though, South Korea captain sun hyung min says he's going to be ready to play in his country's World Cup opener November 24th against Uruguay after the Tottenham star sustained a fracture around the Z left eye last week. Brooklyn Nets have taken the interim tag off of coach Jacques Vaughn with the 47 year old signing a deal through next year to be the head coach. Vaughn has led Brooklyn to a two and two record since taking over for Steve Nash on November 1st, and that's where thought to be targeting suspended Celtics coach eme udoka to replace Nash, but did back off due to controversies already surrounding the team, which included the Kyrie Irving, anti semitism situation. I'm the schwarzman that your Bloomberg

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