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That i feel like they're not getting there uh voice heard that they're not hitting their way and yet going is stop and look at at the constitution says with a legislature olga of a map that says that it'll be representative at who who better to draw something where presented of the people that are elected by uh p by that people when they say it to citizens initiative it never is they wanna take it but political aspect go away from it and yet this is a political process or the deals were politics but so i i would have to argue that this is the way the way that utah is the way that is most representative of the papal two way that you will cry and people getting a fair representation but the point that i i think has to be precise it near tyre it's always been a bipartisan low the republicans report the democrats vote or you have to find a starting point the hillary clinton starting quoted you work or or at the end whatever's left over ends up being real ask this brick and that person is usually the one that disgruntled at abobo nobre where we had a bipartisan vote every time that i've been involved in at thirty years here in new york on republicans and democrats alike have voted or at an yeah there's been one uh and the senate that really votes no and two or three in the house that both know because they don't like the way they're district is gone but there's always going to be somebody at the end when it's all gone together though well i didn't get everything i want but overall it's been a very caller claire process on i have to say people have been oil her so when you when you have listened to the county and city officials about their opinions i've been surprised that some cities will say we want to have one senator were about the size of one senate district and we just want one senator well if i were them i would want my city divided so that i would have three senate districts because i've now have three senators listening.

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