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A powerful name or what? That's another version of don't worry be happy. I wonder how many versions of that. But I don't think anybody does it like go the legendary Jamaican what's his name again. Bobby mcferrin that wasn't who I was thinking of. Yes. I was thinking of Bob Marley. He didn't do it. That's not Bob Marley. The one that we play. What are you gonna say? Letty? Every day. It is. Today. Yes. Okay. Thank you. I like these guys talking on the Mike to give a background. It's like a Greek chorus. All right. My friends Dennis Prager here. The happiness hours the third hour. No, she's be second hour, but I get that wrong often who second hour on Fridays. And should you? The happiness of children is the question, should you wait to divorce? That is the. The general parental view. I will wait till they graduate high school, for example. I always supported that idea. I now dusty comet. Realize that you know, they're in college, and you divorce. It's not I'm sure I'm not sure it's going to be easier from them. And I am I don't think you should not divorce for children's sake. I just want to say that. I mean, first of all I'd be a hypocrite. I'm not I'm not a fan of the divorced people who tell you not to divorce. That they do wrong. I mean, we should try to keep couples together. What it's why I have a male female our? But I don't think it's fair in the one life. You get it's not fair to you. To live in daily, misery. That's I mean, it's it seems like as I've said life imprisonment should be only for murderers. Not for innocent people. All righty, everybody. And let's go to Sarah in Cleveland. The famous Sarah of Cleveland, I might add high. Hi, how are you? Very. Well. Thank you. I am divorced with three kids still going motions. I. Last when my youngest was at-at hot ler on and I need so many people who tell me that they wish their parents would have gotten divorced when they were younger because kids pick up on hostility and unhappiness in marriage. That's decision. I ever made. You know, they're in therapy. And. It's not easy. But I think staying in a hostel marriage would have been worse for them. I left for our kids. Right. I believe that. I believe every word you said, all I would always add is the issue of children's happiness. With regard to divorce is how parents act after the divorce if one poisons the other the kids are suffering. It's not amicable. You know, I try as best as much as I can to keep them out of any. Between their father or is. He is he is he in their lives. Yes. Good. All right. If even if you have disdain for him. It's very important. Thank you. I agree with what she said. But I want to emphasize that is angry as you might be with your spouse, you have to enable them unless they are literally not figuratively. Not because you're angry. I mean, literally abusive. Which is pretty rare it happens. But it's pretty rare. All righty, everybody. And let's go to. Let's see..

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