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It's over to wrap the Celtics have the best mid-range percentage shooting in a league. So any team that allows the mid-range shot is going to get killed. So I I have between jobs and Tatum and the little floater of brown, you know, all they gotta do is drive kick Drive kick. Yep. And and if they don't get respect then they drive and stop I mean think about that bass. On the fourth quarter as we wrap the show on this Kemba drives into the paint. This is why I think he might be getting some good stuff in the knee. He drives towards the paint sells it breaks his own ankles with a step back. I didn't even know angles could Bend like that and then leans back gets up done. And and that's all they gotta do. Keep them packed in tight. Keep them out on the perimeter and then, you know between the two different styles of Kemba and Tatum and brown if they do offer, you know, sort of soften up he can just go up with the floater they find ways to get those points. So you're right. It's all and remember 3.3 indeed the mid greens game is dead. And and what's Brad doing? He's using it the minute. It's opened up. He's like, yeah, let's attack that shit. Let's go get that, you know old it's old school. Cool, dude, and who got they have great. Yeah, they have great players who take advantage of I mean really, I mean think of think of the guys I mean, would you when you see Jalen Jason and Campbell even smart really pull up in the mid-range. Do you ever are you worried? Does it ever cross? You think? It's automatic? I mean, think I shouldn't be worried about it. That's what I'm saying. Like that is basketball. So that's why I love it. I mean you watch all the old games and I'm even talking after they put in the three-point line for a long time. It's still was that mid-range game of me. That's been a skip all you collapse the defense and then you find the soft spot, you know, and you always and the old days you always wanted to be a closer shot was a higher percentage shot. Right and then the three-point line the three-point line came in and then they looked at it there like and even Brad subscribes to this like we know this is part of Brad strategy and Brad Definitely played three in D, you know for for I mean think about the J crowd or you know, that whole era was all three Indi..

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