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Item does chief Helena makes him since someone out of it for you when you tell people they can't gang bang they can't rob from people that they can't steal from people can you forcibly stop them from doing it they don't like it and they call you nasty names and when given the chance to pretend that they are a victim they're going to take out the aggression that they're normally arrested for this society has turned this media has turned this thing on its head I want to pull the cops out of the cities in the media in there let him shattered the windows of C. N. N. like they did let them surround the media let the media not be protected by the officers that they're running down in calling broods let's see if the media fears the police well this mob of supposed protesters that's what that's the sense I can make of this that's the sense to be made of this leave in Baytown girl Michael berry show go ahead I'm sixty three that might have some observations with that I'd like to bring up I started trying to remember when my generation help break down segregation in the public schools we wouldn't as a kid I live through it and I remember watching complaining and yelling and taunting black people but I don't ever remember why YH where they burn down buildings and infrastructure the next thing that I wanted when I was I remember in the eighties Mexican Mexican Americans make up over fifty percent of Texas's population there was a riot or some sort of disturbance in moody park that they only arrested three people free the moody park three women I don't remember women rioting and burning down things to get the vote I don't remember any Asians rioting Occidental Indians I don't remember any ethnic Morris from the longer from the middle eastern all these other ethnic minorities they don't do that but don't burn down infrastructure and destroy one of the things that I wanted to point out the justice these insurance policies they don't cover riots and they don't cover war public disturbances and so those losses are uninsured and the damage that's been done no no no no capital a venture capitalist will go back into that area and rebuild it because they can insure their investment and so that's one comment well you're exactly right in in the problem your point is well taken in in what is lost in all of this is that communities are built not on the emotion of someone with a bullhorn this country is now being run by sociology in not but not economics the media is driven by sociology and psychology courses when we need to understand economics you can help people all day you can tell them you are worthy you're a good person you come from a great rich history you people have been maligned but you're a good person at heart do your best everyone loves you nobody hates you but that's not how dollars flow dollars a very sophisticated they are driven by factors of reason and that's done during the daylight hours not overnight in the people who live in the night people who live by fire and cocktails and screaming in and madding mobs of violence those people don't make good economic decisions and you can't reason with people who refuse to learn the immutable laws of economics dollars follow security dollars need to be liquid if you buy into and if you invest in a neighborhood where you can't sell what you've built then your dollars are illiquid you're tied in your hand cuffed people don't want to do that smart investors don't want to do that we were a big wide open country and that's why every major city that is safe and secure a Dallas or Houston these these sorts of places that's why we continue to see Katie move a little further out that's why we continue to see the Cole's cross crossings put in that's why we continue to see fifty nine south go further and further out that's why we continue to see forty five north go to Texas grand ranch and beyond that's why we continue to see league city and Webster needs communities building out if you look at where the growth and development is is it's because dollars are looking for places to go that they can grow and you can't grow in the inner city it is not a lack of density it's not even a lack of buying power because mixed omits the looters and rioters and bombs there are plenty of people with earning power plenty of people who could spend that money but the businesses don't want to encourage the risk it's a bad economic decision it's not a sophisticated investor that goes into a neighborhood to lose your investment it's just not in that's the long term consequences and see that's what nobody talks about in the middle of all this what nobody talks about is who's getting hurt you know who's getting hurt it's not the graphite with a cop the long term pain will be felt by the people who made the mistake of investing in those communities and make no mistake you're investing in a community when you buy your house you're investing in a community when you open your business and when they allow this nonsense to go along with this looting and rioting goes on in the neighborhood that neighborhood is dead for decades and you know who loses out of that I got burned in that gas Machin he doesn't have anything to lose he doesn't give a damn not even a little bit the guy that loses a Gadda gets up the next morning and comes out in scrapes up the shattered glass out of the front of his business the Asian business owner that Marion Barry referred to is dirty because he's from India or China or Thailand or Vietnam yeah we're not preparing people for life some things wrong well some team must be right you're listening to Michael Beary all star construction has been doing construction projects for Houstonians for longer than many of you have been.

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