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Family Trump curry gets to Siaka looks the shot. No offensive rebound outlet drains three from the right way. Great rebound by Gosol, and then finding Leonard on the opposite side behind the three point line, though, is I triple of game six three points are on elite were Kester, shirt, Huby Brown. The call on ESPN radio, Leonard elderly lead, the raptors their first NBA title in franchise history after the four point win over the warriors game six of the NBA finals on Thursday at Golden State. Leonard average remarkable thirty and a half points per game during that postseason run with the raptors former longtime NBA guard Quentin Richardson on just how much impact quite had this postseason and in the finals. To, to stay level and, and took the deal and like elite attack, Moe plan at the highest level, but they have literally, a robot type of knowing motion, I was glad to see let out a little bit after after the triple zeros hated and they were they would a chance. You know, you saw screaming you saw them enjoy little. So that was good. The robot. But the robot acids, and he was unbelievable. And when you clan like that, you not use seeing somebody say, nothing do have no reaction. He was playing all the time level when Richardson on ESPN radio's I alas. Meanwhile plenty of injuries for Golden State notably Kevin Durant Klay Thompson during the finals, plenty of wear and tear on the warriors were unable to three pitas champs. Steph curry scored twenty one play forty two of possible forty eight minutes in the game six loss curry three of eleven shooting at three, Mr. potential. Go ahead. Three in the final second of the game. Six loss should Steph curry catch some criticism, ESPN's, Bomani Jones and Pablo Tori on that subject. Gonna make them to make the he's that he was making from the free throw line, at the end of.

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