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A week. A power walk week three times a week. A run walk. Week three times a week. And A. Power Walk Times too with a run times one of any duration that you like I would say this is going to be the easiest set up for you. To slowly progress to doing an activity. That's just a run. What I'M! GonNa ahead and do is NB table that I'm going to create for you in the show notes as I will put these four weeks with the formula. That I've put together here. I'm going to add a couple more weeks on top of that, so you can see What I'm thinking I would recommend if you came to me as someone who's never run before, and you wanted to get into running. Super Important whatever I'm suggesting to you. Is just a starting point. You are. Getting started and you're noticing that it's too much that you back off. It's really okay to repeat the activities of the week. into the next week and the next week in the next week and tell you have adapted. That is just super super critical so I'm just giving you a framework. Please don't follow it and get injured. That would be bad again. The assumption is always that you have senior physician. Prior to doing this I am recommending. This formula to get you towards an activity. That's just running one day a week all right. There it is guys. Thank you so much again and we will move into week. Three in our run series here in the next week or so and I'm very much looking forward to kind of taking this up a notch for you, and how we plan the different types of runs and so I certainly think that you know. Do check out by the. The way if you want a really good book on creating kind of training plans op. John Stanton, who is the creator of the running room I'll try to see if I can put a Lincoln that this show notes as well for you That is a really great starting point to kind of see some of the things that I'm talking about. Certainly. The book is not going to emphasize. The sustainability piece is not gonNA emphasize the adapt tation kind of what your body has to go through to be able to rain long-term, but it will show you kinda breakdowns of. Of running to show you what you know if you're going to plan for a five K. race that it's all about ramping up slowly. Those training plans are sixteen plus weeks long sometimes, so if you thought that you would be able to just pick up running today and then think it felt great and something you wanted to do every day. It's just not reality. It's something that just really takes a lot of planning. Commitment and just again not get into caught up into the hype that you really want to shoot for sustainability making this a part of your lifestyle, all right guys. I'M GONNA. Leave you with that. I really appreciate you. Please don't do go check us out on facebook. We have a fan page. They're finding my psych. We are on Straw as I. told you. Estrada Club finding my psyche by me. Personally Jerry Killick on would be happy to have you follow me and I'll follow you back I follow everyone back. And check out our community forums on our website we will post extra forms on athletics here coming up in the next few days in running, and maybe I will post something here for the new runner. In our forums as well so you guys take care. Of Yeah, we'll talk to. You know the week shares..

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