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I mean everybody's been yelled at by coaches since they were six so and they're used entertaining themselves too so I really like working with You know Craig Stadler was in ten up to and he's a ham and sure So I you know. I don't have a favorite but Marcus Johnson. Of course now wonderful broadcaster. He was I always thought he was. Kinda shy and everything but he just took off in that part and went to the glove box to get a knife to you. Brought his gun back. Yeah yeah he was. He was great in that. I wanted to ask Don Johnson. He does such a good job in Tin Cup of playing the Jerk Golfer. Who We all know anybody. Who's ever covered golf? Ron knows that those guys exist there guys. That just won't give anybody the time of day. They take themselves really seriously. What what was Johnson like to work with was? He liked that off camera to or did. Did you just nailed the part or what? How did that all evolve? Well we couldn't. I couldn't hear how to cast that part. I had Kevin. Who's playing the unknown Golfer? Who's kind of screwed up this career? Because he's self destructive and then I needed the star Golfer who everybody else and I couldn't hire an unknown offer to play a star and it started. Play the unknown where. There's just been skewed so I needed name Golfer. And and Don's agent suggested him and he flew over to to Arizona. And we're about to shoot any audition for me and He was charming and all of that. And and then he left the room and I thought it was pretty good. I wonder if he has the mean streak and I went on. He was yelling at somebody not to give him the park. Give them the party. He was convicted and then he charged me for his plane to come over there. So that's the guy. So so ron I love movies I mean I just. I love movies from the time. I'm a little kid. I went on to become a movie theater owner. I'm not in the business but for a time for twenty five years. I owned movie theaters with this crisis. Going on right now. How afraid are you for the movie business for the movie business as we know it is dead? That is theaters. They only really exists for negative budget movies. Now I hate to say it because I like the big theaters In the streaming business is the future and the future is now Screens are bigger and bigger at home. And you know and you watch first run movies and I think that's what it's going to be and I hate to say it but I think I'm lying if I didn't say it but what's that what's happening now is. Nobody's even allowed to go to theaters and sitter staying home and watching even more streaming movies right. Do you think movie theaters will be around in twenty years? I think they will the way you know. There's still opera houses and But unfortunately just for big event gigantic three hundred million dollar movies Where it's kind of a spectacle a run last thing if if you is there a sports movie out there? That hasn't been done that either. You would like to do or like to see somebody else. Do you got some. You've got a script sitting in a drawer itching to get done about seven of them. No kids don't make me a deal with one movie theaters. Are you allowed? Are you allowed to say? Are you allowed to say what are would that? Give away the idea. No I don't WANNA say because couple are very active and they've kind of gone on hold because of the all health crisis but No there's a Lotta great sport as far as you know. You guys are on the sports visits. Because it's it's really not about the great plays as I said many times. It's about all the things that happened between the Great Place. And you get to know the characters you get to know the movie the athletes And their lives are sometimes. They're fan and sometimes they're rich and complicated and the fan knows no idea. What's going on behind the scenes? And that's there's drama everywhere. They'll always be sports movies. There's stuff sales because baseball doesn't travel and we don't watch soccer. I mean we don't know movies. Basketball is now international. Golf is becoming international. But they're very to to to get an international market. Listen Ron it's IT'S A. It's fun to get you on. We appreciate. We're huge fans. Obviously your movies are part of sports culture history. We've also given what we do. We've all seen him and we've seen a multiple times and it's fun to talk about with. You have to give you some more. Give us more chance to talk on the phone for doing this. Great Day. All right That's great. Yeah those movies are. I mean if you've never seen those movies if you've never seen ten cop if you've never seen a jump at a at a people that you don't see coming like cheech. Marin is great as the body. Yeah the in Bull. Durham the first baseman. He's passed away but the first basement was a guy named Danny Gans. Who for years had the the number one show in Vegas? He was like a variety show. He was an impressionist rate. That that was you know. Absolute in in white men can't jump. He had all these small part like Rosie Perez. Had a breakout part in that. By the way you know one of the people who competes against Rosie Perez in jeopardy in white men can't jump and this guy and found his way into a lot of runs. Movies was Allan Allan the Peo- yeah the La Times sports writer. Yeah right yeah. He was in blue chips. He was in white. Men can't jump. He mashed thing. I think he was all of runs movies while he was alive. Right and so I'm thinking I'm thinking back to deem harbison who was on a different world. Had as Wesley Snipes Guy saying well. We're going to see you know had a had a great role and there's so many like small parts that that are great. I love that theory about Johnson. Did he goes outside. And duns yelling at someone because that's the guy what's the bit with Don Johnson in the movie where he kisses babies no. He hates old people and dogs pulling dog. That was a story about a real Golfer on the Piazza tour and they just stole it and put it in the movie. That is so funny and he goes phony. Walks out of an interview and and yells at two old people and goes ugly dog all right. We got five o'clock fast track. I think we've got a little segment before going straight to vest. Are we going straight? Yeah Okay Cool. We will go straight to five o'clock. Fast-track coming up next. It's a hell of a couple of hours of radio. Thanks to Tom Paine and Rob Lincoln and and Ron Shelton those next good job. Good Job Lindsey. Five clock FAST TRACK COMING UP NEXT. Mason in Ireland seven ten ESPN..

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