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I mean, literally, three and three, I thought maybe it was just MMAjunkie was just, it was a record again against Ryan Benoit who's, that's crazy. That has the co-main event and they have Gilespie verse Diego, ferreiro. First, I don't know if this is just like the owner was wrong, and this isn't the way because there's no way that this is, right? I mean it got Maurice, freed was lost like three out of five. He's the guy that was like who knits, who was like, drunk Who coming off a loss to like Greg Hardy, he was drunk on The Ultimate Fighter all the time. I mean they got him as like the third fight on the May 10th, I don't know. Maybe somebody is drunk, who did this website, but this makes any sense to, you know, I would assume the order is probably mixed thoughts. Kind of like over by thought when I was the co-main event at UFC 124, everybody's like this can't be right, you know, whatever. They they really will help by there was like, how are you the co-main event? I'm like, I don't know. Like, and then I had a fighter. Joe doerksen told me, you know, everybody hates you, right? And I'm like, well, I'm getting a weird vibe, is like everybody's talking about how you got to get the co-main event in your second fight. I'm like, I didn't like, I ran for office and want it, you know, I mean, or whatever is just what it was, I don't know. No. But at least I didn't disappoint the fans. Yeah, I mean that doesn't make, yeah, it doesn't matter. That makes no sense. But who knows, I mean also known no ideas. His flight got pushback, which sucks he was. He's fighting Leon Edwards. But yeah. U f c o l f c on MLK. Hold on. All right, I'm an idiot. Okay, so now they have they have also amorina Rodriguez, who's fighting Michelle Waterson. Now they have that as the main event. Okay. This is a junkie. Fuck with me. Okay, this makes no sense. You gotta get the right rear rigas was thirteen and one is fighting the karate hottie. Donald Cerrone is the second call Main Event near magney then, Maurice Gregor Gillespie. Then Rebus was Angela Hill. Roswell vs. Lens until dogs versus Kyle. Okay, Mike Rosano versus Klein, a Christina Aguilera song. Okay good. Okay, so that whole thing with flip em. A junk you guys together cuz they're they're fucking about order was completely wrong. I mean, what are your specs of a drug access code? Uh, so Joe Riggs substance Jumping, Joe Riggs got out about it. Joe, Riggs is fighting Hector Lombard and bare-knuckle boxing be KFC. I like this fight. Joe, Riggs does look like he's like seventy since he was for that guy. Just looks old but he he's he's still younger and he's like in his thirties. That's a good fight though. Who we like at that 5G on Fri. I like, you know, raise the for the part he goes down, you know, all the way down. Then he comes in peace Plaza. Way, back up to the shopping. I mean, hell, he used to have more combat than anybody else in this morning. You're oh, so he's fighting a bare-knuckle bare knuckle boxing. And then, also this guy who is Paula me know who he had some epic wars back in wsof against. Remember, he fought, what's the name of the time? He always fought Justin gaethje. Voting, Tyler, goodjohn, who's from England? Who's a male, pornstar and a bare knuckle boxer..

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