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Eastern time. But this is not a very exciting monday. In fact it's the opposite of where we were a week of a week ago. Everyone was shouting from the rooftops. How great the steelers were after their come from behind win in buffalo over the buffalo bills and this week my how the tables have turned i. It's reminiscent of so many different things. But i wanted to try and put some clarity or my own opinion on what the steelers are going through right. Now there's a lot of fans out there you know. I do the post game. Show with brian. Anthony davis dave scofield. And if you've ever been a part of a live show of any of our shows on our podcast platform whether it's you know one of the regular shows like touchdown under or near your enemy doesn't matter which one whether you're watching live on facebook or on youtube the live chat is especially on. Youtube is very crazy. There are times where the live chat can be going rapid fire and i cannot stress enough how i watched the live chad. People were acting is if the steelers had just lost the super bowl or maybe not so much the super bowl that they lost a playoff game and they didn't and yes was a disappointing. Absolutely yes did. I think the steelers were going to win. I did did. I think it was going to be closed. If you listen to the show on friday. I said it was going to be close to one score game close. But here's the thing it didn't turn out that way and there's a in my opinion. There is a clear reason why the steelers were struggling. Maybe two and i'm gonna talk about that right. After i talked about behind the curtain dot com. Now i know that a lot of you might not wanna listen to podcasts. Or read about the steelers after a loss like this but i can't stress that there are still fifteen more of these games to be played in the pittsburgh. Steelers are going to be fighting in every single one of them. I still feel they're going to be an every single game like they were today. When loser draw they're not going to have a lot of blow out to feeds and behind the curtain dot com should.

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