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And on the chris krok show fitter fitter tweed twitter feed feeder tweety like that one executive producer chris you don't like that one fitter tweed go to facebook type in chris crock show that's chris crock show click on the public figure click like and scroll down and see the one that is just a great little post for the consumption up the mood after the north korean news there's a school in north texas for eight years has had a birthday tradition the birthday tradition involves getting a spanking right and and it's it's one spank per here so let's say it's an elementary school surly it's going to get five right i'm just listening to that aren't you and finally after eight years one or two it's it depends on who your who news source you're going to trust this is all over the news tonight one or two maybe three parents complained in eight years and so the complaint somebody called channel eleven here in the metroplex and from the school district and it's an albert albert is fifty miles north of fort worth elver isd and their elementary school has been doing this under the principal for eight years and the superintendent has defended it in the past the principles defendant that passing through it's not a big deal we we don't actually spank them we call it a spanking but it's you know it's like whatever pat or whatever it's more it's a tradition kids love it it's a big deal you can opt out if you want you can do a high five you can get a they do high fives and a hug but you probably don't want the.

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