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After they already blew it by telling you they wanted you to teach tennis they don't want to let you off the hook now they say they want you to teach all these people know i couldn't believe it yeah so played along now and they tuned to live in houston according to the scammer and i say one sorry that's too far for me to go for blessings and they'd say oh well if a private driver drive into now i live in a suburb of chicago that's a seventeen hour drive so the scammers need to study us geography right so then they decide they're going to pay me to fly to houston every week to teach these kids lessons and they keep asking me for an estimate of how much it will be over this like six week period or something which is again very weird in my business for something like that i'm just wondering what are they up to what did they what okay what they will do if you keep playing along is they're going to prepay for the lessons okay or they'll prepay for airfare they're trying to get it to where there's big money involved here they're going to dangle in front of you so they might send you a check for ten fifteen thousand dollars something like that maybe five thousand they'll send you this and whatever they'll send you it'll be more than what they will reach an agreement with you for the cost of the lessons in your transportation.

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