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Of Bloomberg Radio. I'm Jim Gray, also U. S. Authorities have long wanted access to encrypted data to conduct criminal investigations. However, allowing this access is controversial and some say too risky, especially with the covert 19 outbreak, which has highlighted the increasing severity of cyber threats, including alleged Chinese hacking of vaccine data. Here to tell us why law enforcement doesn't need a backdoor to data is Michael Chertoff, former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and founder of the Chertoff Group, a risk management and security consulting company. Tell us how the French were able to conduct a successful investigation into an encrypted communications network without access to a back door. You're obviously over. We don't have speakers that I had a technique that allowed them to share from vent encryption and there are a number of different way he might be able to do that. I'm here to be ableto actor, the endpoint device that Found the information on it. That's been decrypted or some floor and encryption. Or some ability to use the credentials of authorized Reader in order to insure yourself in to look at the material, but the point is that they were used technological ingenuity with that requiring the platform. The week ended encryption in a way that would make people vulnerable across the board. Explain it a little more depth why you would oppose Congress, forcing tech companies to give law enforcement on Lee an encryption backdoor. Because there is a law enforcement only encryption, backdoor backdoor move you think, use the floor. The encryption exploited by somebody knows what floor is it? And that anybody who find out what that floor is, will have the ability to break the encryption on the longest day of the party, a law enforcement Help me for anybody who's using the platform and as we see in our day More and more people are working from home worn more sense that you're coming online. And one of the main ways we perfected to encrypt it. Oh, you think that there would be more exposure to cyber attacks and people getting data? Private data of users were no question that you put it back door, or do you think And you're weak encryption. We've been here for everybody. There's no continued weakening for one pushed the math, Max And then the issue is for someone else They'll know support that And the weird thing is, yes. Dad, You're one of the rebels has the people of Kei. We have the issue of sometimes the government used confidential things. For example, there was a shadow brokers that critical tools that were used by the U. S government, you know, hacking the certain targets. Now it was stolen and descended over the Internet. So it's a little bit like King everybody. We'd like you to have a weak lock on your front door sort of policed and entered the estimates Search one without recognizing that for a week for the burglaries Well, What do you say to those who say Well, we have to weigh the benefits to law enforcement against the problems that we would expose. People, too, If we gave law enforcement this backdoor in that law enforcement is more important here. Love. I think it's long with your reasons are very important to the table and make a case against criminals. Having everybody put it risk more criminals does not present as in 1000 training, I would say you look at the examples that we sighted in in historical have written about Encryption. The government after we had many tools. Ready, General, Where are you? To pursue people who are doing their thinks that much you enough to have been a work 20 or 30 years ago. So, for example, what they call medic that What's your name? What directly address of the sender. You dressing the recipient that is already unencrypted. You have the unencrypted because the platform he's able to decipher and direct the package story. I have to go. The acting was enormous amount, invaluable information. Mom because it shows connecting between people who might have. Well, if you were the terrorist, they're criminals. So that's the kind you can already do you Have you seen example that would use about the Saudi Our shooter. They didn't need to have a home to know. He was coming to our card. It was communicating telephonically with known her once you move that You knew everything you need to do to escort this guy out of the country. So a lot of times what happened? There's an obvious way to get information but overlooked. It's not properly understood, and therefore breaking encryption doesn't really come the problem and this becomes kind of easy way he is since your results. You write that mandating encryption back doors will empower authoritarian governments. Tell us what you mean by that? Well, I mean, one thing with the Chinese and the Russians aren't picking upon more prevalent. Years. If you have a platform that people in our country you've got to give us the ability to see what they're saying, and if necessary to shut down with this thing. And that encryption is a threat to Chinese and Russians authoritarian because what it means that people may be communicating in a way that the government's not going to read. And you know, even there. Okay. I think you are concerned about government intrusion into the private discussion and political virus. Political views that people are reflect upon. Three. Whether they're you're comfortable reducing the ability to encrypt in the face of that. And how do you think us companies would suffer if law enforcement gets up blanket access? Well, what happens is that companies that are not Americans, their new have so encryption were simply wanted bearing the business. That is now being operated for us. And you see one of the reasons, for example, that some of the Chinese companies are now being banned, like going in here from having a certain kind of Of communication posted. There's precisely because of the concerns the Chinese you're using that To surveil with nine. The U. S were to create a bath doors. What We're beginning years. Europeans and people from other countries would say We don't want you using Martin product hears us communiqu fired. And so I think that's very short sighted. Economic complains of, or force mint standpoint to try to weaken encryption. Thank.

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