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Nuggets that shot right there. One of the 63 pointers he made in this game. Jamal Murray was ejected after picking up a flagrant two, Frey shot to the groin of Tim Hardaway Jr So the ball was out. Although Murray did finished with 16 points, three rebounds to assist in 25 minutes of action. The Nuggets so struggled to score in the third. Dallas outscored the Nuggets 36 to 22. So heading the fourth quarter, Dallas had lied. It was 94 92 Mavs and to start the fourth. Man. The Nuggets bench was huge. Jamal Murray objective PJ Dozer out with an injury. Joe Michael Green has it He gets to the dotted line leans in. Got it. The foulest man. He's flexing two. He's flexing. He got hit on the way up. Finish the play John Michael Green now 17 points Big night. You're Michael finished with 17 tonight on five of nine shooting in just 22 minutes. He also had eight rebounds for the Nuggets and Nicola Yokich coming at you, Tim Hardaway. Now on the elbow. Luca has a one on one against Gary Harris. Oh, he pulled the chair out and he turned it over. What a play By Gary Harris Porter. Right side, Barton. Martin has it on the high right side throws it download into coal. Yokich. Spin move Water. Got it. That started with Gary Harris pulling the chair out on Luca Don church on the other end, and Luca got away with a walk. The Nuggets held the Mavericks to just 19 points in the fourth quarter. And this thing would be over. Harris has it across the timeline. Now the Nuggets they're really looking for a dagger here, a bucket. Is huge. Gary Harris bounce pass over in a totally Okay. Just got bumped. No whistle gets to the dotted line downloaded Gary kick out three quarter. Pull that out of Do it. Love it. You're up by seven with 41 seconds to go picking this thing is Oh Whoa!.

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