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That's 1 805 118 42 Doc, I've seen these ads where they say that krill oil is 48 times stronger than fish oil Is that true? Doesn't make any sense. Well, obviously these air the cruel guys talking right, right, right. But you could look at it both ways. Let's get into krill in just a moment. But first, let's past official guys on the shoulder because you know you could say that the fish oil is better and stronger. But we're talking about the concentrated high omega three fish oil here because it's higher and you make it three c e p A and D H A that are so important. The heart, the brain the memory mood, your eyes, your skin, Your hair, your nail. So in one sense, you could say, well, the fish oils better. But in another sense, I have to hand it to the krill guys. Because in terms of antioxidant power krill oil is extraordinary. And it's because there's a molecule and krill oil that's naturally occurring. Called asked his anthem and asked his anthem, Steve, This is one of the most powerful antioxidants we've ever discovered Steve by one measure of antioxidant activity at six In times stronger than vitamin C So amazing the antioxidant power in the krill. And now as we're getting older 50 plus hers like myself on 52. We don't make his many antioxidants naturally, are antioxidants systems are kind of slowing down. And at the same time we're producing more free radicals. Naturally, this is why we call it cruel. Omega 50, plus extra antioxidant power and extra Kroll Remember 500 mg of cruel instead of 367. Percent more plus the vitamin D so important for us, and this is just incredible value. I have folks. They were going out. They were getting the krill separately in the fish oil separately, the antioxidant you could spend 75 bucks doing that. No kidding. You're getting it all for free. Today. This is the best of both worlds. This combination product with the cruel and official. It's not one being better than the other. They're both great. And this is the best of both worlds, You know, Thank God for purity products. I'm serious seriously, because when you think about where our food supply is gone, and where we are today, we have to have something that allows us to feel better as we age to age gracefully. It's amazing to me is we talk? That's why I love the way the purity gives away the free bottles because you know, people could be skeptical. It would be skeptical, but now they could be skeptical. And they say, Okay, you know what? This sounds pretty important. I'm gonna give this a go. It's only 6 95, and they get it in the trying out and what they start to see, because it doesn't take long. Remember that joint studies heaven days 28% more comfortable what they start to seize. Hey, I'm more comfortable. I feel better. They noticed their energy is better. And they realize Hey, you know what? This is important and they tell their friends and they tell their relatives and they tell their loved ones and purity has been doing business this way for I don't know, 20 years now and you know this is a great testimonial by Gracie five Out of five stars, she writes. It works. I feel it. Into my joints after only one week. Also, you have the nicest staff. That's what that's what great that you have The nicest if people are gonna appreciate working with purity, there are fantastic company. They put their money where their mouth is. They give out free bottles and you try and you're like, Wow, This is great stuff. Thank God for purity. Let's talk about the heart health For a moment. It's probably the single greatest concern that people faces they age, so anything that we could do to boost heart health becomes really a top priority. You know this? I know this and those folks out there know this as well. And I know you mentioned earlier that Omega threes literally lower our risk of coronary heart disease. Do I have that correct is that's a big statement, You know? Absolutely. I mean protecting the heart. This is what put Omega three's on the map. Back in the seventies, Dr Dyrberg discovered you know how protective they were for the Eskimos. But bottom line is, I'll make it three to protect your heart in so many ways. They promoted smooth, rhythmical heartbeat important for the body's normal inflammatory response in the heart muscle. Inside the arteries and veins. They promote those youthful, flexible arteries. So important for circulation. They promote healthy blood platelet activity. Healthy red blood cell activity. They support healthy blood pressure. That's very important. Tryg Lyssarides. So they do so much for the heart, so simply amazing. Cardiovascular protection with these Omega threes, Doc, this study you sent me on this omega threes, and the memory is amazing. It seems that the participants taking Omega threes had some pretty incredible benefits here. When you talk about memory, that is something that kind of slips as we get older. Tell us more about this. Would you write? This was a great study because what they did. He was very interesting. This had a bit journal Neurology. And what they did is they checked the omega three level in the red blood cells of women. 1000 women, older women, So this is a big study 1000 women. But then again eight years later, and the women were on average 78 years old At this point, he did M R. I scans of the women's brains and what they found. Steve. This is so amazing. They found that the brain volume for the women that had Maura Omega threes in their red blood cells, the women that had more omega threes in their red blood cells. They had higher brain volume. They were actually maintaining Mork. Of the youthful size of the brain that brains were bigger. You could see it plainly in the Emory measurements. That's really cool, but not only that there's a very important part of the brain notice hippocampus very important part of the brain that facilitates learning facilitates memory, and it was greater brain volume in the hippocampus for people that had Maura Omega threes in their red blood cells. That's how you can really measure how much I'm making three. Someone's taking in. So if you take Make it three She will raise your Omega three index. We know this. It's a fact you take Omega threes. You raise that to you want to have more omega threes in your bloodstream Very important at that infuses and all the cell membranes into the joints into their brain, etcetera. So take the Crillon maker 50. Plus you get to krill Oil 67% more krill oil so fantastic for the joints. You get the high Omega three fish oil, vitamin D in there as well. Ask this anthem for extra antioxidant power.

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