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And of course, it was it was designed to be this final grace note joke at the end of the first back to the future movie. And now here we are. And so, you know, I had no idea that that was going to happen. But here we are. And that was Robertson. Ikea speaking. To Ben Ryan, and you can hear the full interview in this weekend's edition of the Monica weekly. Welcome Simone is in cinemas unease day. Time for quick look business now with the financial analyst Louise Kupa new as we've been talking about the shutdown of gut. We can just how shocking that is. But of course, it must have had an enormous economic impact. Yes. A first of all isn't going to be good. Forget we can't pull because you know, some airlines may well choose to go to other other airports. And in fact, that's exactly what we've seen. We've seen Ryan essay Juno all our flights. That were supposed to be getting from Gatwick. We're going to take them out to stem said straightaway. Gatwick apple is going to lose a lot of landing fees in terms of passengers. I mean, there's one hundred twenty thousand passengers affected. The question is can they claim compensation now sobbed -ly they probably can't because the drone flight apparently deliberate at act to disrupt the airport, and that means is out of the airlines control. It's an extraordinarily s circumstance according to the civil aviation authority therefore ally. Are not obligated to pay financial compensation to passengers now. They may still get things like meals or refreshments, or a hotel mites. Transmits they may get that by cost back, but in terms of compensation, sadly, not the big picture though. Because of course, it's not just British people flying out of got wickets, you know, people from around the world is an although this has happened to other apple absolutely a drone attack has happened to other apple and only a couple of weeks ago a drone flew into an airplane above seventy seven. Did it quite a lot of damage? So these has happened before but not quite this level of disruption. And what sort of does is send a message around the world that the UK really isn't capable of dealing with this because we got the place we've got the civil aviation authority. We've got the apple and we've even got the ministry, and I won't come up with a solution by flights all now taking off from Gatwick in the law foul, so so they sort of. Sends a message to the world that the u k with it's now to be it may be the case lots of other countries and some other apples all the way around the world can't deal with it. Doesn't sound great message about the UK at a time when we desperately need tourist dollars. We've got the all uncertainty of Brexit UK's regard to slightly closing its doors. This is not what the UK needs an quick minute. Now just to have an Emmanuel Macron and being sentenced little helper. Yes. This is the French president under great political pressure trying to reform the the French economy, which frankly hasn't been particularly it's been pretty stagnant for many many years, and he also businesses one of the things when the yellow vest. Protesters attacked him was wage growth, and the the the lack of wage growth, which frankly is a problem in many many countries. It's not just France..

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