Peru, Jamie Waters, Rami Mcdaddy discussed on Monocle 24: Section D - Edition 303


So how do you transformers sensory experience into a tangible one well when your product makes it off the shelves of peru's in department store colette amongst others you know you're probably doing something right this is what happened to fragrance brand lola james hoffa thanks to his distinctive brown gloss packaging and minimally designed labels monaco's jamie waters caught up with the man behind the brand rami mcdaddy to find out more i began my my life playing music and think he'd pictures really it's that's what i used to do an oas a teenager really playing music was lots of bans and taking pictures and beginning to understand what is movie theaters what is the cinemas that was really my first background and that part of art was my my love of arts and i did my studies and marketing and then i worked in perfume business that for me was really close to arts in marketing and products because you really talk about boy tree about memories and use lots of pictures lots of music lots of words it's really an amazing field that's encapsulating arts forms to make it products and and memories so i begin to develop in that field using what i have done when i was teenager and i begin to realize you're after year how in our amazing is interaction between the sound the image the smells when you work on perfume but also when you begin to have that mullet's you realize how.

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