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Tire nobody beats out fair tire nobody lets it out to ray from the day's up next to the fan was gonna ray merry Christmas happy new year Mark Williams as of right you big man good we all the way up well all right good for you and show all keeping it might be might be the new York's van I hope that the Buffalo Bills can exercise the demons of losing for some football and I don't worry that that's a decade you know hello New York gets behind them all right not just to be what they were impossible he's Max yeah they are picked up but chances and you know they always become damaged goods but I still think it's a it's a good signing we in New York we make the mistake of comparing the next to the Yankees are and that's not good repair any food because as you know the Yankees offense heating is Florence I will forever what the Yankees and the Mets if I'm forced to choose a little girl with the Mets and the Yankees and I would like it to Yankee fans and so much friends on each other because Wilson who you are and we should all hands really that goes all the way with that being said I'm clear right you're all the way up we appreciate the call and great to hear from me again I don't even know what that means do you know what that means Rosenberg I thought maybe you're a millennial what is what is all the way up B. I've never heard that my life all right just curious as I was doing so is almost the way out all right good I'm glad happy holidays happy new year merry new year whatever all the way from what to wear the I don't know what we think I don't think I didn't hear ray yeah I love you I don't think everyone's gonna be holding hands rooting for the Buffalo Bills and we're all going to come together root for the team from western New York to go on a great run through the AFC playoffs I I don't I don't foresee that transpiring I don't foresee that happening and I do they met Yankee fans there will be some that we can root for the other but for the most part many a defense gets set one of those matches the truth I mean they to get you know to get a a Yankee fan to then root for the Mets that doesn't really happen to get a met fan to root for the Yankees that doesn't really happen my you might not be bothered by their success as some but you might still be bothered none the less and we'll see exactly how this all season and for a listen let's be realistic here I mean for the Yankees we all season was one movie was Gerrit Cole in the three hundred twenty four million dollars in the nine years that they paid him they've lost a number of guys off the team this had been very very successful in the regular season the past couple years as far as the Mets are concerned yeah the pretences move is a big move Losin sack Wheeler was a big loss the fact that he signed with the Philadelphia Phillies is a big loss the fact that you know Didi Gregorius is now a member of the Philadelphia Phillies as well the fact that Joe Girardi is an up tick in manager over Gabe Kapler the fact that the National League east has gotten stronger yes the nats are weaker but they're still the defending World Series champs in Strasbourg in that rotation is still together but when rain don't side with the angels in the off season that's a huge loss the mopar that line up losing to everyday players in two consecutive all seasons of the oak of Harper and rain toll not a lot of organizations can survive that but that's survival also Harper ironically enough they win the World Series in a postseason success is Bryce Harper is now a member of the Philadelphia Phillies while long term signed a deal last offseason but the Braves are going anywhere the Phillies are better yelp the Mets are better certainly the back in the bull pen is going to be better they can't be as bad historically bad as they were this past year now the question is can the guys they gave me the success you don't expect people wanted to give you a fifty three home runs but you certainly expect Alonso to hit it between thirty five and forty five do you not and the other interesting thing is the adjustment to the baseball how significant is the adjustment with a home run rates being what they were a year ago and seeing guys drive the ball over the fence with such regularity how big of a reaction from Major League Baseball after all these investigations after we saw a little bit of a downturn in the post season how big of a downturn DSC in the regular season in twenty twenty that would be fascinating to follow as well Poughkeepsie New York we go it's dad what's going on Danny thanks take Michael Essien sportswriter every day I do get you great thanks stand up pressure to man thanks for watching what's on your mind but the last call I think what he would drive that is exactly right buffalo's really dealings New York football team we really have but the forty years so what you gonna do yeah well yeah I I I understand in the jets and giants are over in Jersey I I I get it and I'm not hating on the Buffalo Bills in any way shape or form and I like what big government is done I like watching Allen I think Allen's of raw talent that he's got a knack for finishing in the fourth quarter idea certainly like that defense and you're like what they've been able to do what they're buffalo they've been close the patriots seek can easily think that in the the two times they face the pats this year in the regular season they have a couple things went away in some spots that when when the games but I don't think a walk around New York City look at buffalo is New York City yes they might create third favorite team anyway but all right thank you take Michael have a great day you got any appreciate the call buddy let's set out to Brooklyn New York it's Paul what's going on Paul what's up Louis save them all Meghan in their body how are you right now you won't comment on it but I really hope Maggie Parker I know you can comment on but that might help that worked out what there are no plans from real quick with the all the way up to the DJ walls and he says nothing could stop me I'm all the way up there you go thank you well reference something I just sold out with a little DJ callin all the way up that's where that's where ray from the bay was referencing there you go Paul see you seek and the family center provides I appreciate it the most complete with John McElroy are very far from that we don't when you pull you broke up on me what was that okay notification hate the eagles or the tabloids more I think it will yeah I I think it's I think it's both the more I think it's full flow the bids of the ball that's a fancy one who I think who do you think the giants as a franchise would rather see in the playoffs eagles of the cowboys our I would probably say it's the eagles they'd rather not see in the playoffs are only verified open but I don't know I mean that's that's open up to vast about over to a pretty steady co author what that winds of write that down and stone all but you need all the help you can get all your cab with and this is been from the start all the drama down there being rating Garrett Jones and president of the contract date is been this is going on all year for the cabinets I agree with mark but we'll see what happens I'm Polly good luck this weekend or a brother you got a man let's head out to Waterbury Connecticut Stacey what's going on she's mark are you don't run Hey there Jeez how you doing man good my looks first however vengeance talking so it's real pleasure not all places all my thanks for making the call yeah research on listen I I know you guys were talking about all the real one and on Jimmy Johnson all you only you'll Jimmy Johnson we spent four years in Miami now five that's that's correct right correct Marino weeded terrace Killeen's when all Jimmy Johnson was that cold she towards Achilles in ninety three one a one ninety three was it when the Cleveland in ninety six Marino at all a compatriot what you spent three weeks out right yeah but at night in all the chores Achilles when our schools that cold that was ninety three was sure yeah I've got a Browns game yes I run and I wasn't that was in Cleveland correct yeah well we you're right about that okay on I just want to talk about the charge was we my brother and my father been giant chance like thirty five years and knock the giants are absolute disgrace all certainly needs to go what they've told you why the past eight years I mean dollars thing through walls find all of fame quarterback your chides had down and not for them not being able to build around there all string quarterback and get back to a third Super Bowl your schools show how far your organization really fell on her face that I mean it's it's been a disgrace to watch I mean I can watch he's games anymore specialty why not on the field it's very very hard to watch the giants watcher Amer the guy can't calls the giants are losers I mean Jared crier Jim called while I mean they could hire somebody on much more effective than watch servers but in the past and all to make this kind of higher and then you give the guy a five year deal I mean it's a disgrace mark do you agree I'll hang up let's see thank you I mean she said I I I appreciate the call yeah I can understand the frustration of your giant fan and you're at this position for and the giants is organization here for a lot of different reasons it's the loyalty they show to the likes of Jerry's even though he was seven one epic failure after another in the NFL draft which hurts the depth of the team have a longstanding ramifications on a franchise because it can't be just about attacking free agency and bring in in high priced talent which what you hope is that those guys help put you over the top you're still going to have to be able to draft and develop guys over the years and Reese fails now when you have given me the next steps in and he has really been great with the media we understand that and was brought in I think to do one job and is not stuck with that job and it's kind of been all over the place and some of the deals that he's made is a really make mark made much sense like the letter Williams deal but he also came into a scenario where the cupboard was not exactly full and he's done in an okay job and the reason why I think that Gelman is done an okay job not the very fact that I think he's a a great general manager I would say this with Barkley hit and I think what Daniel Jones is going to hit and we know the quarterbacks the most important position but he was brought here as the giants at that stage we're looking at that eagle game the previous year that he lied played and said that's more prototypical those type of games you can still get out of the live batting and he said he was brought here not to rebuild the cities in the sixties he's here to win and the giants still have about one and they'll give the coach a selected and I think with Pat Shurmur I think Sunday against the eagles could be last game for him as giant head coach he's a good guy good football man but around the NFL for years good offense of mind but that doesn't.

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