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McKinley. And he likes her Lisa. Let's go back to July nine nineteen fifty two or part. One of the great Gildersleeve. Kraft Foods presents Willard Waterman. Nasdaq great yelled asleep. The great Gildersleeve is brought to you transcribed by the Kraft Foods company. Well, a couple of days ago, the great Gildersleeve niece Marjorie and her husband Bronco left on their vacation. So the little house next door to the water. Commissioner is empty and quiet back. Things are pretty quiet around the great illness leaves house too. Yeah. The paper today. It doesn't seem like the same house without my twins galloping in and out. Magazine. Leroy, I don't pay any attention to the magazines around the Williams on the cover. No. I haven't seen it. Now could poking around. I'm trying to read the patriots feet up. The second. Not fair. You can't. On it is. Now run along shopping outlook here. But I know was coming find the seven faces in this picture and win a Shetland pony that natty. Here here. Look at that loop the boy dressed in fish what a picture. Yeah. He's got stranger fish. Gene. Double-breasted halibut. Halibut? Cash. Boy what I wouldn't give to catch fish like that. Not right now. I'm reading the paper. It's good a little kid to go fish to get outdoors. Yes. Fisher biking lake Tamara shadow. All right, LeRoy, I'll take you fishing lake but not tomorrow, we'll go next boy key now. In the pilot birdie. Yes. From honeysuckle lodge lovebirds are getting a lot just sitting smelling the honeysuckle. Let's see magic..

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