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Do everybody way the pins at think if it's like an action packed boom caparo i don't end is in this ever really great in those type of movies i think you kinda go for the shock and awe but if it's a story line movie yes it has to be good to be a good move just a question like that movie i'm gonna give you an example what's the movie ben affleck the where the girl gonggar gonggar oh great movie inhaled like put the stamp on it like a great end to me yeah exactly that's what i'm saying the end they're put a snap on a really good movie head the end the not man good it would have messed the whole move even though the movie was good from the beginning understand that exactly like if it would have been a cookie cutter ending like if they would have caught her that's predictable i like the way in yeah that's was that was a bit quiet as kev had a couple of choice that i really liked because the town was go ahead you do use it you gals handle this week laying talk to singles i mean if you i mean have you heard i mean we gave cardi b energy we got a guy i haven't heard them but go ahead i mean i i'm nicki menaj two singles last week sean lee and barbie oh i'm not jamaican i don't say tings shanley was the song got you.

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