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And i seen him fighting a yelling at them. It's like that. I got common sense but he used to. This is my life. He's like misery loves company. They find out it's time dig about kids. They don't know how to conduct yourself how to hold a conversation so intuitive and doing bouncing all be so it's just terrible amount fun at all and they were they start going savage chance. They've is not bad like still. My girls got one kid so now now now experienced into two kids they do play they times the wall but then there's times when you just referee all day long literally all day you to stop this. This this is his face yanni chile and it is argued over knocking on like woke up and decided. Y'all just argue with each other all day just all day. What are we going to eat. Argue louisville eaten at neither one of you cocaine but you are hearing about what you're going to eat and then when it comes down to week e like this on what the bug you like like nude. It's a struggle all day. It's like your on stress. stress. Like kids rely. I like chicken. Nuggets and cheeseburgers will only cheese like. You don't want nothing else. no. I just won't bread in meat and cheese who des. That sounds easy to me. Works in that doing any big. You go to restaurant. I do looking at like the kids mainly like how do you not like one thing on this. Pick something so this all the time over like we go to a mexican restaurant muslim as a hamburger. Hamburgers at the next year even tried every mexican restaurants. Amber why do you do this. Let me get a hamburger. Dude i gotta go. I have never seen a hamburger on mexican. They all got it got it makes sense though just in case someone doesn't it does i have never seen it. Maybe not looking for it. I probably skip right over. That shit. Martin market will do that. He'll tell you how the chicken sticks. I mean the chicken fingers and the guy in hamburgers says that every fucking restaurant because that's eight kmby stress. You out no bro. For no reason do my son right now. Going to practice football practice. I ain't got a schedule. I ain't got nothing. He just a game tomorrow like what. Yes out of time. Like what this this from other sports place right now Must mosley man. he knew cleats. Everything's going bay. Like what do my ki- like. He was playing soccer for school last year. When she didn't wanna do anymore. She finished the season. She liked the rec soccer. Becker better she just started rec soccer last week. Shimla get no more. She likes rose buffalo. Mamdani off of our daughter's softball. Her she was isn't anyway. I could just be in the dugout with my friends and not have to actually go out there. And you're my daughter was on for a little bit. She she kept wanting to play softball. T-ball something like that. I kept telling her because she's got energy like me like she can't sit still as you're not gonna like it. You're going to be sitting here now. Still is looking as an instrument. under summer. she was a family north and they have like a baseball can't and she was there. One day in baseball camps they due to someone at the news wasn't figure actually got to work at it like on Trying to do what you mean. I can't just talk to my friends. No we actually got to go through the drills and do shit. i'll man bad. I don't wanna do that now. That's weird. I don't wanna do that man nude keys be while the way like kids be wild entailed over like you know when she did have the fucking koby you know i have to say our spirits daughter spirits. Dude never got down there. She was they all bright known. Happy as good as i was fucking worried. Shit every fucking babe related symptoms going to give out like rushton is losing over. Three months fog renewed. And everybody's going to get it. We all going to be able to very anxiety. Do because cortina his ear. Walking around looking at each other. Like five joe. You just told me everything that went through your head when you eat those three gumy's right.

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