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Have great careers on gonna come back and share their wisdom and their wealth with the community and helped to drive thoughtful one hundred further education. That really is amazing yet. Schools done really well. They will say you know. They've won a couple of awards the county level as well. I wonder if these women are spending a lot of spare time studying rather than face buki. Yeah yeah exactly. So in a waste sometimes having limited access to technology could potentially be a blessing as well right past generations of approved as well to some yeah. It's a blessing really isn't the and that's true that's true i. I can't imagine that you've got much spare time. Hope he's actually. I've started a masters course is a master's in psycho synthesis psychology. I didn't if you if you've heard of it before. Yeah i mean it's known as the psychology of hope and the thing that fascinates me is like human motivation. What might Different human beings to different things on what i love about psycho synthesis. Psychology is that it doesn't just look at i guess his love consciousness in a. What's wrong with this person. Where do they need to develop in personality but it will send looks at the the human beings potential as well. Like in terms of what motivates a person to think just about themselves and to move to a place weather thinking about their family that community humanity. So it's looking at these different aspects of of humans and humanity and how we can like move to a place where people care about things beyond themselves so yeah i just find it very fascinating fascinating. I read somewhere though that you're quite keen on being a yogi link. Yeah it is i think. Yeah because i. I have to say i. I love yoga and spirituality and sokha synthesis psychology is related to and yoga means union. And it's about kind of union with something bigger than yourself. And i think that's what it's about. That's been my motivation behind. This charity is well almost. Because i don't know i guess From a young age is being. Maybe it's been like a subconscious thing. But if i chose chosen the normal path of getting married young age it gets harder to make an impact beyond just the immediate few people around you whereas i've kind of gone off on this other path where where.

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