Hulu, Amazon, Disney discussed on P&L With Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz


All all about i get a a a so you're saying that they have in uh disclosure or perhaps even thought out exactly how they are going to uh how much of their empire they're going to commit to the streaming service and we're talking about hulu and how much they are going to try to compete with netflixing amazon prime right well i don't think i don't think they're going to use who at all in this i think they're going to have their own streaming app that's going to be disney movies pixar movies 21st century movies i'm old fox shows old affects shows on that that's how i the national regret some things from national geographic i mean i think that could be a pretty powerful streaming app but the question is you know how how how much money of they're going to commit to new content how much of they're just going to think about it as you know someplace the stuff all content in a how much they going to abandon their need to for revenue from the cable bundle and and the to me that's the that's the core quest and uh do you know anybody under thirty uh who who has a can't who has hit whoever's whoever cable subscription there is an you 'lance there yes i our accepts great subscriber subscribers a subscriber count for cable television has continued to decline right on that so what do you believe disney will have to do in order to access i the your mobile phone or your monitor your screen at home in order to make this happened because right now what you have an is on as you've described with their fire stick you've got a roku the player plus you have of course the apple tv and chrome cash right now we're going to get another thing now at the plug into no no no it will be an alabi an app like netflixing or amazon prime amid the real question is will there be enough content on it to attract all those people who are either cutting the cord or never got the cord in the first place that that's really the question and i don't think the answer at the moment is yes because i don't think they're all i don't think they're all in.

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