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About this sport. And so I don't know. I don't even know if I answered your question. I think I just have a soapbox with mad about money or something. No, it's okay. Here's what's funny about talking to so many people in the business right now. Everyone agrees we all feel the same emotions. We don't have any solutions on how to stop it from happening. Right. And because this is the example I always use. The Iowa wave. Chris marrow joining us here by the way on the Paul fine bomb show Braden Gaul. The Iowa wave at the end of the first quarter, turning around to wave at sick children. That is what is great about college football, trying to cheer up a group of kids. That is what makes it great. Having a trophy and a nickname for Oregon Oregon state. Like that is what I bring that one up. Okay. Very specifically for a very specific reason, Chris. That is right. Those are the things that I grew up loving about college football. I'm only a couple of years older than you, but that my concern with a 48 team breakaway, while we can still watch BYU and coastal Carolina, we can still watch the Apple cup or Iowa Iowa state or whatever. We can still watch all this stuff. Are you cultivating a new generation of fans that loves all those little weird idiosyncrasies that we do or are they missing are they missing the calculations? I guess is my question. Yeah, I mean, I tell you what. Anybody that knows me knows my disdain for Oregon say athletics and why. But I will say, it's funny, when you talk about just stuff like that, man, you talk about the trophies and use that specific thing. This is like kind of getting ahead of our skis here, and this is probably just me being overreactive, but you look at, you look at just the nature of how the next generation is. I don't want to sound old, but they're already what was the Oregon state game call. I still call it the Civil War, so. Right. You know that, you know, they try to deal away with that last year and they're saying they're not going to call it Civil War anymore. And that's in the state that was last time I checked, not even close to being involved in the Civil War. So I wonder where all that kind of stuff goes when you talk about and again, like there's so much of it that's probably going to be discussed today, but if you wonder where what's the state of console looks when you have this influx of change and its influx of like almost like the over overcompensating culture changes as well. And I wonder what it looks like. But I tell you what, man, I said this here today and it probably should be printed on kind of a throw pillow or a T-shirt, but like football find a way, right? I mean, everyone loves football, and it'll still be there. And if anyone feels that idea, just know that I'm already trademarking it, 'cause you're not put that on a T-shirt. And if you find that. You don't have any lawyers settle down. No, I don't, I don't. I didn't trademark it either. So you got to get lawyers, you got to start spending lots of money for trademarks. Come on, dude. No, I'm with you, man. I think on Saturdays, especially in the south, and especially in the Midwest, people are still going to show up at the exact same parking spot, smoke their stupid mustard barbecue meat, and they're going to go into the exact same place and then sit in the exact same seat where an exact same shirt, singing the exact same fight song, cheering for their exact same team. I don't think that part of it's going to change, especially for people in the southeast. And yeah, you know what, maybe that's maybe that's why it's either. Maybe it becomes like, you know, kind of like what it was decades ago, which is like the saving grace and it's like, you know, this compromise of difference where you have all these things changing around you, but the one steady state thing was at least they have college football that we can all huddle around the TV or a tailgate. A bevy of different sauces for Braden and watch the games that way, because it really is a shame you think about just how much change is going on in general. It'd be a shame to have this be a miscalculated step. You know what I mean? And we don't know how it's going to change. I think it's easy to sit here and say, well, you know, the sky is falling. Everything's going to be awful. It's because it's different. People don't like change. One thing I've always learned. People hate spiders and change. That's incorrect. Also factually untrue. I love Spider-Man. They eat all of my bugs. They're wonderful. I love having spiders in my yard. Of course you had to push back on fire. Even my kids like spiders. True story. Okay. All right, well, never mind. I apologize just ring up that very very innocent subduct there. You know what I hate? Mosquitos. And you know who eats? Yeah, okay. People hate mosquitos and change. But yeah, I mean, I wonder what that looks like. Moving forward because it's like, there's been a ton of change in Costco over the years, right? A hundred years ago, or did you talk about like our grandparents, those are like my dad being like, I'll tell you what, Bear Bryant. He's always said, there's only two things can happen when you pass the football. And one of them is bad. And I was like, well, that's the dumbest thing we've ever heard, dad. So think that we moved away from stuff like that, but who knows how much changes is too much, but it should be, I'm just excited, we're less than what about 50 days away from another season, regardless of all that. I can't wait for that. Technically it's three things that can happen in two of them are bad, technically. Also, listen, you want to challenge fair Brian. I don't know if this is the crowd to do it in front of, but I respect you for it. That's fine. That's fine. It's mosquitos change and then the humanitarian bowl. Those are the things we all hate. Together. Exactly. Together, I don't know why we're picking on the humanitarian bowl today, but it's just part of the job. Chris, thank you so much, man. Advert fun quest on Twitter, of course, Saturday down south college football and censored podcast. Thank you, my man. Good to talk to you. But that was a good brother. That's how you soon. And Chris marler there, we appreciate him joining us. Yeah. Mosquitos and change. Spiders are cool, man. Don't hate on spiders. I have a four to 5 year old daughter. They love spiders. You wanna know why? 'cause they eat all the other bugs in my yard. Love me some

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