Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Juanita Broaddrick discussed on Larry Elder


It's time to use the free market to end the drug makers monopoly pricing power in stopping him from overcharging. The American people enough is enough. Also sitting in the front row was Bill Clinton. And Bill Clinton that you know, it's been credibly accused of rape. But Juanita broaddrick. In sitting in that row was Hillary Clinton. The woman that Juanita broaddrick says verbally intimidated mediated her two weeks after the alleged rape. So for the people that talk about what a degenerate, Donald Trump is honestly. You adore JFK. Your door. Bill clinton. Don't get me. Started on Ted Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. Also your. He was on the left. Regarding Alexandria, cardio Cortez being a dunce. Can you imagine what the media would have done had you take Sarah Palin? And she said what? Alexandra Kaci Cortez at the other day tweeted the other day. Referring to an article in a left wing publication Alexandru. Cossio cortez. Says that if we just eliminate the waste fraud and abuse, I'm paraphrasing from the defense department. We could pay two thirds of the thirty two trillion dollars. It would cost for Medicare for all. If we just eliminated bad, accounting, waste, fraud and abuse. Do you know how much the defense budget is this year? It is seven hundred billion dollars. Medicare for all over ten years would cost thirty two trillion dollars. This thirty two thousand billions and the entire defense department this year. His quote, unquote, only seven hundred billion it leaves you just a little short. Can you imagine? What would have happened? If a Republican like Sarah Palin had said. She wouldn't be able to house. Running a laugh track. Did already be teeing up an S and L skin covered. She also says by the way, she would support impeaching President Trump, and I understand you've been supportive feature for.

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