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To release their tax returns they should release their tax returns I want to see Frank nice tax returns but the fact is I don't want to see anybody's tax returns what I want to see the tax returns of those who call for the release of tax returns why is it necessary for the president but not for New York times columnist. I'd like to know. if it's important if this is a way of assessing all of the fitness of a person for public position it's a very public position being a columnist for The New York Times let's see your tax return well I want to know about your private life. you've been faithful to whomever you been committed I believe the man is gay that that's not an issue to me but it has he been faithful to his partner. does he never never cheated I'd like to know. right if it's important that we know that about the president support we know about it and we were charged columnist their fault. this disgusting to call the president a moral and gives no example these amoral because why because he make comments in private that you find awful you have N. Frank Bruno my god saying Frank Saint Frank. I don't know human being who was never made a private comment that would not make them look bad if it were publicized there was the human being alive about whom that would be true. amoral. that's really it I mean the talk itself or if you prefer listen I will I will the Google call me a ****. what the left does they throw out every every all full term if you differ with us use think by definition that is the left view Frank Bruno is not the worst of them. but while impeachments impact on November twenty twenty is a noble to affect on us as a nation is almost certain a dangerously polarized and often viciously partisan country view includes self I want this if I could ask Frank Brunei one question are you among those who are viciously partisan. I'm just curious. if you you you've called the president all these terms on fifth amoral unsteady I'm just curious are you viciously partisan. the dangerously polarized that often viciously partisan country would grow more so you'd start to come that is correct our content for you if it could increase you wanna left with even increase further the Democratic Party would have gone down the sink hole. with people on opposing sides hunkering down deeper in their camps and clinging harder to their chosen narratives is the president concerned only with himself really the president is not concerned with the country. who the hell are you Frank two night to make that comment. I believe he loves this country more than ninety percent of your colleagues at The New York Times okay I may be wrong but I just want you to know that's what I believe. ratcheted up his insistent the truth itself was subjective and up for grabs what did he do that. again the the ultimate question for the left. every time I write if I give a generalization ninety nine percent of the time I give a specific example..

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