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I mean, I'm trying to be nice. But I sit and like I mean, I I like when you try to provide value. Did you really think that that was like that just made the show right there? I did. I did. It was okay show because I'm sick. And I'm just fighting through it. But people are going to say, well that was a great show. Remember when remember when Brian mentioned that John who Smith scored a touchdown against the jets couple of weeks now. Oh, I sure. Yeah. Okay. Well, that's a little bit better. But first career touchdown. Oh, well, you should mention that a little bit nicer. Elsewhere bears cornerback Bryce Callahan has a broken foot eagle snag running back. Boston Scott off the saints practice squad, and the Saint signed tackle Derek Newton two years after he suffered torn patella tendons in both knees on the same play. That's a tough break. Get it for the bears because Bryce Callahan been playing pretty well. Eagles needed to running back. They say Boston Scott like Darren sproles sized and they needed one with putting Corey Clement on our he's hurt at Derek Newton. That's incredible. Torn patella tendons, both knees. Same play. I can't believe even tried to come back from that. It's absolutely incredible kudos to him. I don't think I would have. I don't think I would try to play again after that. I mean, that's talk about the mental and physical. Resolve of that guy really really impressive, by the way. I told you guys really in the week about this holiday flower tree..

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